2024 Master Kang Water Education landed in Shanghai, walked into Zhuzhai School, and guided young people to love water and water

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On May 7, the national series of “2024 Master Kang Water Education into Campus” landed in Shanghai, and entered Zhuzhai School of Minhang District to bring a wonderful science popularization journey to the majority of teachers and students.Give more teenagers.Shi Xueyi, deputy secretary of the party committee of Hua Cao Town, Li Chongzhang, chairman of the Minzhang Min Working Committee of the Shanghai Taiwan Association, Huang Fang, the director of Huadao Town Society, Zhang Lingling, Director of Huadao Town School District Office, Liu Shuai Shuai, deputy webmaster of Huadao Town Water StationYin Jiping, the principal of Zhuzhai School in Minhang District, Shanghai, Zhu Ya, deputy secretary of the party branch of Zhuzhai School, Minhang District, Shanghai, and Li Yilin, chairman of Shanghai Master Holdings Co., Ltd., attended the event.

Following school interest, continuous cultivation of young water knowledge science and education fields

In Master Kang’s water education class, the senior Kangkang explained the theme of “knowing water, love water, and water saving”, explaining the relevant knowledge of water resources protection, daily water conservation, scientific drinking water, etc., so that children can understand the concepts and significance of saving water use.Pay attention to the protection of water resources.

In the interaction between water education and answering, the children of Zhuzhai School showed a high enthusiasm for participation. They not only actively answered questions, but also expressed their practitioners who need to sex with water and environment and water -saving water.A good virtue of saving water resources and protecting the ecological environment, and contributing to its own power to build a beautiful green homeland.


Water Education Classroom

In addition to the lively and interesting water education classroom, Master Kang also has “small laboratory”, “small laboratory”, “water -saving and flying chess”, “water source protection”, “safe drinking water challenge”, “pet empty bottle recycling” interactive game link, childrenWe are enthusiastic and actively participate in it.In the “Little Laboratory” interactive game, children learn to make small experiments of water purification and experience the simulation process of water purification. Through immersive hands -on experiments, it is not easy to understand each drop of pure water, helping them establish saving water use water use.Consciousness of water care resources.


“Water -saving and flying chess” fun game inspire students’ enthusiasm for participation


Students are gathered to participate in the “Little Laboratory” interactive game

Yin Jiping, the principal of Zhuzhai School in Minhang District, Shanghai, said that the school has been committed to cultivating students’ environmental awareness and scientific literacy.Consciousness, cultivate social responsibility.


Yin Jiping, President of Zhuzhai School, Minhang District, Shanghai, delivered a speech

This is the first time that Master Kang Shui Education has come to Zhuzhai School in Huadao Town for the first time.Huadi Town, known for its rich waters resources and water systems, has always attached great importance to the protection of water resources and ecological and environmental protection education in young people.Shi Xuezheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Huadao Town, said in his speech that Huadao Town insisted on promoting the concept of “cherishing water resources” to the people from all walks of life, and carried out a series of environmental protection activities in these years.He highly evaluated Master Kang’s water education public welfare activities, and believed that such activities would help the training of water scientific knowledge transmission and the cultivation of water environmental consciousness, and help the sustainable development of society.


Shi Xueyi, deputy secretary of the party committee of Huazao Town, delivered a speech

Ten years of long -distance running, build a sustainable water education mechanism

It is understood that Master Kang actively responded to the water education public welfare project initiated by the China Industrial Beverage Association in 2014, and launched a national campus series in 2015.For young and children’s groups, the project promotes the knowledge of the safety of drinking water safety and healthy drinking water. At the same time, it cultivates and improves young children to protect water resources, cherish water resources, and love water environment awareness.In the context of increasingly tense water resources and increasingly prominent water environment, it has long -term value and significance.

Since its launch in 2014, Master Kang Water Education has gone through ten years.As a national brand of the food and beverage industry, Master Kang has actively practiced corporate social responsibility. In the past ten years, he has worked hard to promote water education into campus, and has contributed corporate power to enhance the environmental awareness of environmental protection and health drinking water.

Li Yilin, chairman of Shanghai Master Holdings Co., Ltd., shared the practice and achievements of Master Kang Water Education in the event at the event site.She said that education guides young people to establish a sense of scientific water consciousness and lead the whole society to form a good fashion of water -saving water and water science. This is what Master Kong has done ten years.However, ten years are not the end, and the water education public welfare activities will continue to be promoted to more schools and more regions, which will benefit more young students.


Li Yilin, chairman of Master Kang Holdings Co., Ltd. Li Yilin, delivered a speech


Master Kang donated “peace of mind” and “healthy” Master Kang to drink water to Zhuzhai School

As an excellent national brand, Master Kang has always adhered to the sustainable development concept of “evergreen, health is a blessing” for more than 30 years, actively fulfill social responsibility, and adheres to water education, green consumption, and food security science popularization and other fields.Carrying out public welfare activities and committed to promoting the spread of environmental protection concepts.Among them, Master Kang continued to carry out the national activities of water education nationwide, continuously improved the educational model, and innovated the content and form of water education to explore the new path of green development in the food and beverage industry to help the entire industry and society move towards the sustainable and beautiful future.Essence


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