2024 World Vocational and Technical Education Exhibition is grandly launched

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The Ministry of Education, the National Committee of the United Nations Teaching and Science Organization of China and the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government will hold the 2024 World Vocational and Technical Education Development Conference in Tianjin in late July.

The conference will establish the World Vocational and Technical Education Development Alliance, create an international vocational education award, conduct a world vocational and technical education contest, and hold a World Vocational and Technical Education Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the “Vocational Education Exhibition”).Through the overall structure of the “League -League -Award -Sai -Exhibition”, build platforms, gather resources, lead demonstrations, learn about promotion, exchange and mutual learning, and build five major international public products of vocational education.

The Vocational Education Exhibition is led by the organizing committee of the conference, co -sponsored by the China Vocational and Technical Education Society, and the China Electronics Association and other units.

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The theme of the Vocational Education Exhibition is “Chinese Craftsmanship · World Stage”, with rich content, diverse forms, and distinctive features.

Precise positioning: Through the “precise, fine, exquisite, and wonderful” exhibition, with broad and in -depth international exchanges, promote the education, industry, and economic circles, etc.Educational service development capabilities contribute to accelerating the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Amber.

Exquisite exhibition: Set up three major exhibition areas of the host country, the main country, and the vocational education results.Hosted the national exhibition area to display the results of the high -quality development of vocational education in China, highlighting the culture of the great power; the main guest National exhibition area showed the development trend and characteristics of the world vocational education, and promoted the exchange of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.Frontier applications show the results of international cooperation and exchanges in vocational education, and show the profound and rich charm of cultural heritage.

Fine work: Adhere to the principles of “international and cooperation, extensive and integration, service and public welfare”, build an international cooperation platform for vocational education, promote in -depth cooperation between Chinese and foreign vocational education, promote the integration of production and education, the integration of science and education, and guide occupationsThe colleges and universities improve the key capabilities of running schools and improve the adaptability of vocational education on the scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes.

Wonderful presentation: Focus on scientific and technological progress, industrial innovation, display the leading enterprises of science and technology, the development of new technology development and application scenarios, production methods, and the integration of production and education sections; display the achievements of international production capacity cooperation in vocational education services; display the artisans and young craftsmen of large powers, Be able to work with craftsmen such as craftsmen such as craftsmanship, masterpiece, be meticulous, and pursue excellence “.

It is understood that the first World Vocational and Technical Education Development Conference was successfully held in Tianjin from August 19th to 20th, 2022. More than 700 domestic and foreign representatives from 123 countries and regions and 17 international organizations participated in the conference.At the same time, the conference successfully held the World Vocational College Skills Competition, World Vocational Education Industry and Education Integration Expo, issued an initiative to build a World Vocational and Technical Education Development Alliance and created the International Vocational Education Award, and released the “China Vocational Education Development Report” and “Tianjin Initiative””, Achieved a series of important conference results, have extensive social impact at home and abroad, and achieved expected results.

The Vocational Education Exhibition will further gather resource elements from all walks of life, jointly discuss the new concepts, new models, new experiences, and new paths of the development of vocational education in the world, build a new channel for international vocational education cooperation, and promote the integration and sharing of global vocational education production and educationOverall development.

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