30 cool tide play sports free experience quota!Small body invites you to climb together without limits, dance in the new world

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Olympic Qualification Series · Shanghai

May 16-19 Huangpu Binjiang, Shanghai

Want to be on the highest artificial rock wall in the world

Do you practice the ability to go on the wall?

Want to be at the shopping mall in front of the house

Do you experience the cool dance that combines music and art?

April 27th

Climbing unlimited dance new world

Urban Sports Festival Rock Climbing Dance Project Entering the Commercial District Activities

30 free experience places are waiting for you

Small body looks forward to you on the prosperous Nanjing Road

Unlock sports skills, find sports

Transfer urban thermal power, feel Olympic passion

Project science

About rock climbing

Rock climbing movement (related links) requires players to continue to complete the turn, upward, and even jumping on the rock walls of various heights and different angles.Ballet.

Rock climbing is divided into difficulty, rock climbing and speed race.The Paris Olympics climbing project will produce two gold medals for men and women in the speed race and two all -around matches (stone climbing+difficulty).

About Perak

Breaking (related links) originated in the United States in the 1970s and evolved from different dances and art forms.In the early 1980s, Perak Dance began to attract the attention of mainstream American media through movies and music.The 1983 movie “Flash Dance” was released, which had a greater impact and inspired many people to try.

Olympic Qualifications, such as the WDSF World Championship, WDSF Intercontinental Championships, Intercontinental Olympic Committee/Association Games, WDSF Gold World Series, Olympic Qualification Series OQS, the “Olympic Games System” must be adopted because it reflects the Olympic GamesThere are 16 starters of the first player.

Are you eager to try through the science of projects brought by small body?Looking forward to feeling with you at the event site“Younger, more cities, more open”A beautiful experience,Embrace sports, culture, and thought.At the event site, there are also good gifts for rock climbing and thunderbolt dance tide!

The souvenirs are subject to the on -site real objects

PART 02.

Activity information

Activity time

April 27th (Saturday)

Event Location

South Building, No. 2-68 Nanjing West Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

The middle hall of the 3rd floor in the New World

Recruiting crowd

Sports enthusiasts from 10 to 40 years old

(1984.1.1 to 2014.1.1 Born)

How to sign up

From now until April 26 12:00

Leave a message at the end of the article to say

“Your Declaration of Play Sports”

And in the “Shanghai Sports Small Body CLUB” applet

Selection in the “Small Body Send Welfare” column

“City Sports Festival Climbing and Perak Dance Project Entering the Business Circle” activities “


Click the applet above

Enter the registration page

Small body will be randomly extracted30 fansParticipate in experience activities.The organizer will purchase insurance for each experiencer, and the ID card information needs to be registered for this event.It is confirmed that the information information is subject to the staff notice. Those who have not been drawn will no longer be notified or publicized alone. The final interpretation right of this event is owned by the organizer.

Rock climbing “entry knowledge”+Perak Dance “Battle”

City Sports Festival sports tide play punch card

Interweater and gathering, its fun

Small body is waiting for you in New World City!

Edit: Li Wei’s, Shen Yuzheng

Review: Guo Yanyan

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Receive Shanghai Sports Consumption

Small body recommendation

@, Olympic Qualification Series · Shanghai City Sports Festival Sprinkle Conditioning During the preheating period, please check

The integration of the sports and business tourism exhibition promotes consumption in 20224 Shanghai Sports Consumption Festival kicked off

At 12:00 today, a new round of Shanghai Sports Consumption Bonds was launched in 2024

Bicycle Olympic champion bell angel experience small wheels cross -border experience is a bit hi

Set off!Three cities journey to restore the development of small wheels, and the city sports festival starts highway documentary

Welfare welfare is here!Wit witness the top of the 2024 Arrow World Cup Shanghai Station Peak Duel

It is expected to open this year!Yaoxuexue World opens the interior space for the first time, Shanghai is not just a “scalp snow”

Small body statement

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