39,000 square meters, another large business is about to open!Please collect this guide

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39,000 square meters and over 80 brands, gathering a variety of formats such as catering, retail, teaching, training, fitness and entertainment.Before the “May 1st”, it opened, and over 80 brands have settled in).How to get a step -by -step circle of friends, please take this travel guide.

Lobo Jiufang, as the Shanghai Lobo Commercial Complex project, is located in the east plot of Shanghai · Libo, with a total of 39,000 square meters. Among them, the shopping center has a total of 25,000 square meters and a block of 14,000 square meters.

Shanghai Lobo, with a total construction area of 300,000 square meters, is located at 379, Hongmeinan Road, Meilong Town, Minhang District.Linbei Chaogang.

The reporter was informed that Shanghai Lobo currently has two parking lots, which are located in the east and west plots, which can provide more than 1,800 parking spaces.As Lobo Jiufang opened, it coincides with the “May 1st” small holiday. The flow of people and traffic from Shanghai · Libo will increase. It is recommended that citizens travel green.

Parking strategy

Hongmeinan Road entrance (located on the East Land)

Turn left from Hongmean Road, enter Lobo Avenue, go to the entrance of Lobo Jiufang Garage, turn right into the underground garage

The exit of the Eastern Land Based, which can be instructed by the underground park

At present, the underground parking lot is temporarily parking for free in business hours (10: 00-22: 00). The recovery time is subject to official notifications.

Entrance of Yimei Road (located on the West)

Located at No. 91, Yimei Road, from Yimei Road to Lobo 1987 Creative Park. You can stop the ground parking space on the Western plot.(You can also pass the aisle gate along the main road in the creative park to enter the entrance of the East Platform West Pagoda Paradise, and turn left into the underground garage)

Toll standard: 6 yuan/hour

Peripheral bus

Within 500 meters around, there are bus 131, 865, 218, 731, 50, 50, 731, 729, Minhang Road, 156, Minhang Road 20, 180, 720, 867, 867road


Rail Transit Line 1 Jinjiang Paradise Station, Lianhua Road Station; East China University of Technology Station on Line 15 of Rail Transit, I suggest you go to the way you go.

Lobo Jiufang

Address: 379 Lane, Hongmean Road

Consultation Tel: 021-64108088

In addition to Lobo Jiufang, there are still many good places worthy of the holidays and holidays.

Shanghai Lobo is naturally separated from Meilonggang, divided into two plots, east and west.In the east plot, in addition to Lobo Jiufang Commercial Complex, it also includes facilities such as garden -style single -family headquarters, high -rise standard office buildings, commercial districts, rental housing, park green space.

Among them, the 30,000 square meters of Lobo Park, with Lipo Avenue as the middle axis, is divided into two sides of the north and south. There is a sea of flowers and leisure space inside.There is a pet paradise on the north side, which revolves around the concept of pet friendship to create a broad world of hairy children.(Click to see the previous report. 看 Minhang built a new 30,000 square meter park, which has been opened now …)

The Western Land was transformed into a fashion innovation park including the Lobo Beer Experience Hall and the show.(Click to see that a 60 -meter -high chimney can be seen on the Huimin viaduct, Libo is there! Go, explore the secret →) Citizens who go to Lobo Jiufang may wish to go around the Internet!

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