5 minutes of exercise can be used!Studies have found that exercise 5 minutes a day can reduce the risk of death

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Too busy every day, do you have time to exercise at all?There is a good news: Seeing a needle exercise every day for 5 minutes, it is very good for health!
Exercise 5-10 minutes a day,The risk of death drops 52%
In 2023, researchers from the University of Sydney and Oxford from the University of Australia and the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom showed in the “Liuye Knife-Public Health” magazine.Unconscious vascular incidents and risk of death.
According to the specific grouping, compared with those who exercise less than 1 minute a day:
Those who exercise 1-3 minutes a day are all reduced by 34%due to death risk, and the risk of cardiovascular events is reduced by 29%;
Those who exercise 3-5 minutes a day are all reduced by 44%due to death risk, and the risk of cardiovascular events decreases by 38%;
Those who exercise 5-10 minutes a day are reduced by 52%due to the risk of death, and the risk of cardiovascular events decreases by 41%.
In summary, this study shows that only 5-10 minutes of moderate to severe intermittent exercise every day can effectively resist the threat of cardiovascular disease and death, and the longer the exercise time, the significant effects.
These “fragments”In fact, it is easy to do
Every time I mention exercise and exercise, many people always think that it takes a whole time to complete it, and it is best to do it in the gym or on the sports field, so it is difficult to stickgive up.
In fact, from the current research, there is no need to stick to the traditional long -term and continuous movement mode. You only need to see some “fragments” in daily life, and you can easily harvest significant health benefits!
1. When a bus or bus, you can lift (heels), which can enhance the strength of the legs and shape the muscle lines of the legs.You can also stretch the muscles of the upper limbs by pulling the armrest.
2. When you go home or go home from get off work, change the car home to walk or ride a shared bicycle.If the commute distance is relatively long, you can get off a few stations in advance and walk the last few kilometers by walking or riding a shared bicycle.Walking quickly can strengthen the physical fitness. You do not need to walk to the forehead to sweat, just need the heart rate to become slightly faster.
3. When I get home, don’t take the elevator every time, and take the initiative to climb the stairs, it is also a good exercise.
4. After returning home, doing games with children, running and jumping are also a physical movement.
5. When brushing your teeth and wash your face in the morning, do a regular tiptoe and tissue exercise.
6. When cooking and cooking at home, you can do the squat exercise while washing the vegetables.
7. After eating, I do n’t want to go out to exercise, just walk back and forth in the living room in the living room.
8. Before going to bed at night, lying on the bed to do a three or four minutes of aerial kicking.
9. When watching TV and listening to broadcast, you can do squats, stretch, push -ups and other actions. You can also prepare a small dumbbell or elastic band to add a little weight to yourself, and the effect is better.
10. Broadcasting gymnastics is a kind of bare -handed exercise. Without equipment, it can be carried out anytime, anywhere. You can follow the broadcast to exercise, or you can use the password to command the rhythm.Each movement has a certain effect, not only can the joints, muscles, and ligaments of each part of the body be exercised, but also good for correctional posture.
11. You can also use a chair to serve as auxiliary equipment to help complete some simple exercise. Repeated training can improve muscle strength.For example, a straight waist was sitting on the chair, his hips leaned on the back of the chair, took a deep breath, and raised his legs upwards while exhaling until your legs were parallel to the ground.Put your legs down while inhaling, relax your whole body, and repeat 5-10 times.This simple movement can achieve the effect of tightening muscles.
Time is not afraid of less,The key is to move
“Too busy” should not be an excuse to not move. It is better to use the time from today to make each “fragment time” exert the greatest value!From 30 minutes to 3 minutes, 30 seconds, the way of exercise can be moved for your reference.
If you have 30 minutes: a small run
30 minutes is just a good aerobic exercise time.I can exercise the whole body, and it will make people feel full after exercise.These exercise can also be done: swimming, fast walking, balls, cycling, etc.
If you have 20 minutes: practice a section of yoga
It is not long or short for 20 minutes. You can choose a soothing, rigid and soft yoga to relax yourself.You can also do these exercises to replace: Tai Chi, Eight Duanjin, stretching, etc.
If you only have 10 minutes: skipping rope
If you only have 10 minutes, you can choose to skip rope or do work exercises.When it feels stressful, it can also help release stress.
If you only have 5 minutes: jump fuck
If you want to move quickly, it is only 5 minutes. You can choose a higher strength jump exercise, which can exercise the whole body, fat burning, and improve physical fitness.
If you have only 3 minutes: flat support
3 minutes, then make a flat support.Can tighten the abdomen and activate the whole body.These exercise can also be done: squats, push -ups, etc.
If you only have 1 minute: stretching sore part
After working for a day, I’m tired?Stretching fatigue with 1 minute, such as waist, back, shoulders, neck, arms, etc., can effectively relieve fatigue.
If you only have 30 seconds: raising your legs in place
In only 30 seconds, you can choose to lift your legs in place and quickly activate and wake up the whole body.You can also replace these exercises: back -kicked running, opening and closing jump, etc.
In short, no matter how many “fragments” you have, you can use it, depending on whether you want to do it!Move it, for your own health!
Editor: Gu Jun Editor in charge: Tang Wenjia
Source: Health Times

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