Air Jordan 1 High Dior: Ultimate Sneaker Collab

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The perfect blend of fashion and sport

In 2020, Nike and Dior unveiled the limited-edition Air Jordan reps 1 High Dior, rapidly becoming a highly sought-after global sneaker. This collaboration between iconic fashion and sports brands showcased a unique, luxurious design setting it apart in the market.

The pinnacle of luxury and street style

The Air Jordan 1 High Dior was made from high-quality materials, including white leather, Dior Oblique canvas, and suede. The shoe featured a black Swoosh logo on the side, as well as a Dior logo on the heel. The tongue featured an embroidered Dior logo, and the insole took inspiration from the Dior Homme fashion label with a special design.

Air Jordan reps
Air Jordan 1 High Dior: Ultimate Sneaker Collab

The shoe was available in two colorways: black and white. The black colorway was the more popular of the two, and it sold out quickly at a retail price of $2,000. The white colorway was also available, but it was not as popular as the black colorway.

A sneaker collector’s dream treasure!

The Air Jordan reps 1 High Dior was a major success for both Nike and Dior. The shoe was a cultural phenomenon, and it helped to solidify the Air Jordan 1 as one of the most popular sneakers in the world.

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