Apple Overturn Epic Games Injunction Due To Lack of Proof

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Apple filed a motion in federal court requesting an injunction related to its lawsuit against Epic. The injunction relates to allowing developers to bypass Apple’s App Store payment system to make payments in order to avoid incurring commissions.

Apple’s request to vacate the injunction was based on the fact that the injunction was legally improper and that Epic did not have sufficient evidence to prove that this section of the App Store harmed competition in the relevant market.

According to Apple, Epic Games no longer meets the “conditions for applicability” of the law because it is not an iOS developer and therefore does not apply to the effects of the iOS developer policy. Epic also failed to show that it had suffered any actual harm as a result of its “anti-App Store Guidelines” during the course of the litigation.

Apple Overturn Epic Games Injunction Due To Lack of Proof

As a result, Apple argued that Epic’s arguments were flawed and that its allegations of anti-competitive behaviour were “unprecedented” and “baseless”.

The spark for the dispute between Apple and Epic began on 13 August 2020, when Epic released a new version of its iOS and Android apps. On that day Epic added a feature to both the iOS and Android versions of Fortnite that allowed users to purchase in-game currency directly through the Epic payment channel. The feature allowed players to receive a 20 per cent discount due to bypassing the app shop’s in-game purchase system, and Epic did not have to pay the 30 per cent platform draw to Apple and Google.

Just hours after the feature went live, both the App Store and Google Play took Fortnite off the shelves. However, Android players can still download the game from other channels, while iOS users have lost the game’s only download channel. Apple’s approach attracted Epic dissatisfaction, and then launched a lawsuit against Apple on the grounds of anti-unfair competition, and the litigation war between the two sides has thus begun.

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