Aren’t you fashionable with the trend?Being yourself is the most fashionable

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Aren’t you fashionable with the trend?Being yourself is the most fashionable
Can fashion read books to learn?There is nothing fashionable to read books. Do you read the best -selling books on the list of books?As long as you are interested, what can be accumulated after reading it is fashion. If you notice that all kinds of street cards are not difficult to find that people who think you will wear will always move you in detail, fashion is constantly changingThe trend changes due to history. Fashion is not an independent individual. You can see many aspects of knowledge in front of fashion.
Following the footsteps of fashion is equivalent to following the future development of future development, it has its own legitimacy, and it should not be banned or forcibly banned by any other reasons; it is not only justified, but also noble, worthy of praise and advocatingof.Therefore, no matter what form of fashion produces and develops, because fashion is classical, social people of different levels of social people are naturally different about fashion and requirements.Therefore, the fashion produced in the upper group is considered elegant, and the fashion produced in the utilitarian lower group has become a relatively “vulgar” fashion.However, we must not completely veto the legitimacy of its existence because of the “vulgar” of the “vulgar”.
Because, as long as the “vulgar” culture does not hurt, or to a certain extent respects the person’s personality dignity and basic rights, then its existence is justified and recognized.We must not cut it with one knife. We should maintain a mentality of being able to integrate and coexist and coexist in popularity and elegance.There is also an ugly side, which is ugly or because people themselves are not suitable for certain fashion.
It may also be caused by the differences in the aesthetic psychology of different people, but I still insist that as long as that fashion is not hurt, or to a certain extent respect for people’s personality dignity and basic rights, then its existence of existenceIt is justified that it is recognized, or even admired.So, who said that he can only show off the beauty of fashion and not to show up the ugliness of fashion?As long as we do not violate the requirements of human beings, we can also “follow the feeling” into the colorful human life.What is popular, what everyone uses, what is fashion, that is, the popularity that can produce a sense of belonging is explained in popular words, the popular cycle is short, which is fast -moving consumer goods;This is fashion.
Fashion is just a stage. After this period of time, it may be replaced by the word old. Who is chasing fashion, divided into two kinds of people, one who follows the trend, seeing the public buy a trench coat, and he also starts to buy a trench coat.Which star wears which shoes, he will buy it. That sentence is also an alternative, but it is not very strange or that it means that. It may be because everyone’s understanding is different.It’s different.For many people, there is an attitude that is more advocated, that is, no matter what is popular, as long as everyone likes it, it feels good -looking, that is fashion, and some people understand that as long as you feel that you look good on your body, it is fashion that is fashionable.The understanding of such people is particularly simple, and it will not make some offices think so complicated. In simple terms, it is pursuing personality, but because many people have different concepts of this thing.
Therefore, many people will feel that what brand of clothes are popular recently, and the main thing is that you will have the same model with others. This is fashion. Everyone’s understanding is different.It’s different.And some people are blindly following the trend. This is when they are wearing this dress, she also wants to have the same clothes, and she wants to wear a beautiful style than others. In contrastNothing knows and has never asked yourself to dress up.Some of the newspapers that such people often see, or on their mobile phones, are pursuing their own sense of fashion, but in fact, what they admire is a fashion for themselves, and what others admire what others admire.It is also a fashion.
But these two cannot be mixed together, because each person’s personality and style are different, so when choosing the same dress, the effects you wear must be different, so when choosing anything,To choose this thing from the perspective of your own suitable perspective, it is a fashion that matches it. It is impossible to judge what is fashion from personal eyes. Only you can be a fashion darling and find your own positioning.You can make fashion follow your footsteps. Isn’t you fashionable with the trend?Of course not, being yourself is the most fashionable.
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