Beijing Shanghao Sports "Compulsory Course" starts the "Health Together" of primary and secondary school students

China News Service, Beijing, May 21 (Reporter Du Yan) “Come together is a sincere invitation to the whole society, and it is also our solemn commitment to the whole society. Let us run together, move together, embrace healthy sunshineLife … “On the 21st, in 2024, the primary and secondary school students in Beijing” Health Together “Sunshine Sports was launched, and eight specific actions were deployed to integrate physical exercise into daily learning life.

In recent years, Beijing has attached great importance to the healthy growth and comprehensive development of students, and further promoted the “double reduction”. With sports evaluation reform as the entry point, the physical and mental health is the high -quality development of the five education integration and basic education.Do you have brands, schools with characteristics, class classes and competitions, and everyone participates.Physical exercise is gradually becoming a “compulsory course” on the growth of teenagers. Children are better and have more smiles.

“Health Together” Sunshine Sports deploy eight specific actions

At the launching ceremony of the Sunshine Sports Sports and Haidian District in 2024 in the 2024 Beijing primary and secondary school students, at the press conference of Haidian District to strengthen primary and secondary school physical exercise work plans, the deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the spokesperson of the Municipal Education Committee of the Municipal Party Committee Education and Working CommitteePan said that at a new stage of school sports entering a new stage of high -quality development, consensus and action are needed.The eight specific actions announced this time include:

—— Carry out the quality improvement of physical education classrooms, implement 1 physical education class per day during the compulsory education stage, and 3-5 physical education classes per week in high school to create high-quality physical education classrooms;

—— Carry out the daily physical exercise time implementation plan. The school should implement the requirements of one -hour physical exercise in the school every day, advocate parents to help their children formulate and implement a family physical exercise plan, and implement one -hour physical exercise per day;

——The extensive development of sports class competitions, establish and improve the four -level campus sports league mechanism for cities, districts, schools, and classes, and promote all kinds of youth sports competition activities to be fully, normalized, and branded;

——The fun -enhancement action of physical exercise;

——The actions to improve characteristic brands to form a new situation in school sports development with “one school, one product”, “one school multi -product”, and “district brand, school and characteristics”;

——Prolate early exercise and lunch exercise;

—— Carry out sports and culture infiltration actions, strengthen sports culture construction, and continuously enhance the sense of sports and culture;

——An development of all -staff sports operations, the school’s stadium facilities are opened in an orderly manner on holidays, encouraging schools and social stadiums to cooperate with sports courses, and encourage schools to guide parents to invest in fitness operations and participate in parent -child exercise.

Wang Pan said that it is necessary to guide children to form a healthy living habits and exercise habits, and truly enjoy fun, enhance physical fitness, improve personality, and refine their will in sports.

The methods of designing and promoting the scientific and reasonable way of designing and promoting the scientific and reasonable movements according to local conditions

In recent years, Beijing has continued to carry out pilot reform of “one school, one product” physical education teaching reform. The districts and districts are designed and promoted to scientific and reasonable exercise methods according to local conditions, and continuously explored and break through in terms of improving physical health, improving physical education classrooms, and carrying out all -member competitions.

Xicheng District launched a series of “jumping campuses” primary and secondary school skipping series activities, using simple and easy sports such as rope skipping as a breakthrough, breaking through venue and space restrictions, forming a sports atmosphere of “everyone can skip rope, have competitions in class, and family participation”; Shijingshan District Carry out the exhibition between Sunshine Sports Class, covering all primary and secondary schools in the region, so that students “play well” in the large class; Miyun District has insisted on running for 15 years, and collective running has become the dailyFor compulsory courses; Yanqing District continues to popularize campus football. All 40 primary and secondary schools have set up football courses, and are included in the content of after -class service content. The establishment of classes, grades, and school -level football teams can be established to achieve full coverage of campus football.

Beijing continues to enrich the one -day physical fitness scene, so that physical exercise integrates daily learning and life.

At the event today, Beijing Changping District shared the exploration practice of continuous deepening of campus football construction.According to reports, focusing on the popularization and promotion of campus football, Changping District has established the “school league, school league, selection elite league” campus football competition system in the region.There were 869 district -level events throughout the year, 3,876 in the school competition, 90%of the schools had football teams, and more students took the “green field”.At the same time, on the basis of popularizing inclusiveness, the professionalization of campus football is more prominent.In 2021 and 2024, Changping was evaluated by the national youth campus football pilot zone and national youth football talent training reform. More students embarked on a higher growth platform through football.

Haidian District has released the five major tasks of physical exercise plan for primary and secondary school students.Du Rongzhen, Secretary of the Education and Industry Committee of the Haidian District Committee and director of the District Education Commission, introduced that the district must carry out running sports, promote the development of ball sports such as “three big balls”, actively carry out rich extracurricular sports activities, promote school sports characteristics, science and technology fundsCan students sports.At the same time, all schools in the district should use the use of large -scale and after -school service time, deploy daily exercise in grade deployment according to the school section, and flexibly arrange various forms of running sports.In addition, the Haidian District Education Commission and school must also carry out a variety of, diverse sports competitions and sports activities to meet students’ sports needs.

At the event site, the participants and 1,000 teachers and students from the Aerospace City School of the National People’s Congress jointly launched the “Haidian Teachers and Students’ Energy and Healthy Run”.

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