Beijing Siming Kunjian Education Technology Co., Ltd. CEO held a lecture in Beijing

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Recently, Zhao Qiang, CEO of Beijing Siming Kunjian Education Technology Co., Ltd., held lectures in various schools in Beijing. Many students and parents entered the lecture of Teacher Zhao Qiang. In the lecture, Teacher Zhao Qiang told how to effectively solve the various problems encountered by students.Share the core and method of improving performance.

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At the lecture site, Teacher Zhao Qiang proposed that the children had both the ability and scores, driving scores with ability and methods, and even combining professional ability, learning ability, and scores to achieve high scores and high energy.In our opinion, professional capabilities are divided into input, internalization and output. What does it mean?For example, when we must learn, obtain new knowledge or skills in our work, “input”, transform this knowledge or skill into ourselves is “internalization”.When we return to students, listening in class is “input”, and home -writing is “digestion”, and the test is “output”. In factThere is no change. You need to exercise these abilities. As long as these abilities have exercised a lot, this ability can accompany people’s life.

(Institutional confession, issued by

The opening of this lecture not only shows the strength and achievements of Siming Kunjian education, but also shows its firm confidence and determination to develop future development.In the future, Siming Kunjian Education will continue to study a good method.

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