Combining low -carbon and education, Shanghai will create a benchmark for nearly zero carbon campus demonstration

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Carbon -dung peaks and carbon neutrality, the campus in Shanghai is changing.
On April 19, the launching ceremony of the near -zero -carbon campus construction of the nearly zero -carbon campus construction jointly supported by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the Shanghai Minhang District Science and Technology Association, the Shanghai Citizen Office Education Association, and the Shanghai Low -Carbon Technology and Industrial Development Association were jointly supported by MinhangThe district Vanke bilingual school is held, and the “school -association -enterprise” industry -university -research community low -carbon technology science popular science popularization education base is also unveiled simultaneously.
Nearly zero carbon campus construction launching ceremony.Drawing of Education of Deyingle
Cheng Min, principal of Vanke Bilingual School in Minhang District, Shanghai, introduced that through the “two legs walking”, the school will combine “low -carbon” and “education” to achieve the coordinated development of low -carbon and educational two -wheel drive, creating demonstration benchmarking benchmarking benchmarksNearly zero -carbon campus.
Specifically, accurately control the carbon emissions sources of the school, the energy production terminal achieves the efficient use of renewable energy, and the energy consumer side fully uses technical means to reduce emission reduction.The exchange or green power transaction offset it and finally achieve carbon neutrality.
At the same time, relying on the establishment of a carbon Sino -Hehe cooperation exchange platform, it can strengthen the exchange and cooperation of ecological education content in cross -field and regions. While doing the practitioners of green low -carbon and ecological civilization, it also provides effective help for students’ future developmentEssence
Yu Huizi, Secretary -General of the Shanghai Low -Carbon Technology and Industry Development Association, said that the so -called “near -zero carbon campus”, that is, the garbage generated on the campus is digested inside the campus, and does not send it out of the school.It will use the near -zero -carbon campus of Deming Education Minhang Vanke Bilingual School as a demonstration benchmark to promote radiation to more schools in Shanghai.
Professor Yin Shan, director of the Department of Resources and Environment of Shanghai Jiaotong University, introduced that in the past 20 years, the world has become more and more “green”.The increase in vegetation in a country in China accounted for at least 25%of the total global vegetation increase in the past 17 years.By 2025, the forest coverage rate in Shanghai will reach 19.5%.
On the same day, Deyingle Education held a science and technology festival at the Bilingual School of Minhang Vanke, with the theme of “Leading Science and Technology, Zero Carbon Campus”.Mars explores a series of activities such as public classes and scientific theme lectures to discuss scientific themes such as sustainable development and green environmental protection.
Surging news reporter Han Xiaorong
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