Come to Haimeng on the Haimeng, release the vitality of spring, enjoy the fun of sports

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When the severe cold of winter retreats, spring has arrived.”One year is in spring.” It is suitable for sports activities during the spring season, which is conducive to physical health, enhance physical fitness, and has a more positive and optimistic attitude.Go out of the house, feel the breath of spring, and enjoy the joy of sports.

“Dreamgala”, located in the corner of Yindu Road, Lianhua South Road, Meilong Town, Minhang District, gathered many indoor sports venues. While experiencing the fun of sports, citizens can also get system and professional sports guidance to gain better harvestingExercise effect.

In recent years, more and more equestrian clubs have opened in the mall, making the former “noble movement” closer to citizens’ lives.

Meng Kerui Equestrian Club focuses on British equestrian basic teaching and understand equestrian movements for beginners, especially to build a development platform for children and children to learn equestrian movements and learn equestrian culture.About 1,500 square meters of space contains professional equestrian training venues, horses, and equestrian equipment exhibitions.The course learning here is not only riding, but also a series of related skills such as the basic common sense of horses, equestrian etiquette, equestrian essence, and equestrian competition.Each child who studies has a special coach one -on -one guidance. When riding, he wears professional protective gear such as inflatable armor to ensure sports safety.

“Riding on the horse’s back, people will naturally maintain a tall posture and look up at the distance, which can help correct the bad posture such as bending and humpback.”Feelings, coordination, shaping beautiful posture, can also cultivate excellent psychological quality, self -confidence and communication ability. “Not all children can bravely ride on their backs, from the initial panic to self -confidence to control a horse,It is the transformation brought by equestrian. “After the class, the children should interact with the horse to help clean up the racecourse and raise the child’s sense of responsibility.

Meng Kerui rides 10 horses, most of which are Pony horses.”This is a docalized, cute and cute dwarf horse, suitable for children to learn riding. For adults, there are higher -blooded semi -blood horses for ride.” One of the horses is called “Little Qinglong”.Pony horse probe explores the brain, because it is lively and active, it also has its own vibrato account.”Like people, horses also have a temperament character, some are lively and active, and some are more lazy. Rider must learn to communicate with him in order to better control.” The club will carry out free “horse master experience officers” activities from time to time.Citizens have the opportunity to contact the horses closely to take a bath and feed the horse. In this way, communicate with the horse to establish an intimate relationship.

“Equestrian is a movement that requires long -term learning. Coaches are taught according to their aptitude, controlled the progress of the curriculum, and the rider needs to be patient and receive long -term courses. This can exercise the toughness of people.”

In the busy urban life, the gym has become a good place for many people to release pressure, sweat, and pursue health.

BIM provides a fitness product called “comprehensive physical training”, which integrates “strength+cardiopulmonary+flexibility” projects such as weightlifting, gymnastics, pot bells, rowing, climbing ropes, etc.Through personal training experience, help students to lay the foundation of physical fitness project exercise capabilities.

For the physical condition, age, exercise needs, and entry level of the exercise, BIM has designed a variety of courses.”For example, there are dozens of gameplays of barbells. For Xiaobai, who do not know what to practice and how to practice, the basic training camp for the first 4 to 6 weeks will let him see fat reduction, muscle increase, plastic plastic, plastic plastic, plastic, and plastic.The effect, “the person in charge told reporters. This kind of group training course adopts a small class with several people to a dozen people.” We have our own data system to track the recording of the training process, and quantify the degree of physical functional improvement, so that each can be allowedPersonally you can see your progress. “

“Comprehensive physical training” to allow participants to harvest “better exercise performance”, which is to make people run faster, jump higher, and lift heavier things.This kind of sports temperament of “more hard work” also attracts people with the same temperament and goals.This means that BIM does not only provide a gym that provides training courses, but also rich events and community activities.

At each small class training class, students and students inspire and urge each other; various levels of physical competitions and theme training camps at various levels outside the museum to form a competitive atmosphere, add training fun, inspection and training results;In addition, BIM will also organize outdoor expansion activities such as diving, camping, self -driving, etc., and enrich the students’ lives beyond training. “Through this path, I hope to build a complete sports lifestyle experience step by step to provide everyone with moreMore life options, letting life is not just alive. “

BIM also has special courses for young people, which can not only enhance physical fitness, cardiopulmonary, strength, explosive power, flexibility, agility and coordination, etc., can also promote physical ability while developing physical ability, establishing teamwork awareness while establishing a team collaboration consciousness, To improve the child’s ability to socialize in group movements.

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