Create a big health community, Amway Nutrilite will help the health China strategy

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Pursuing health and sharing life is the consensus of modern society.In this wave, Amway Nutrilite has always stood at the forefront of promoting comprehensive health.On March 24, Amway Nutrilite held a theme forum of “Building a Healthy City Sharing Healthy China” in Beijing, and launched the initiative of the 2024 “Healthy China Action”, showing the brand’s determination and determination and the brand’s determination and the health lifestyle.contribute.

At this forum, Amway and the China Development Research Foundation jointly released the “2024 National Healthy Lifetime Intervention and Affecting Research Report”.The report shows that 84.4%of the respondents have various health problems, with an average of 2 health problems per person.Among them, the problem of overweight and obesity is the most prominent, accounting for 42.2%.Other common health problems include psychological stress, sleep disorders, skin problems and pain problems.

Studies have pointed out that these health problems are largely related to unhealthy lifestyles, such as irregular diet, excessive salt and oil sugar intake, sedentary, lack of exercise, staying up late, smoking and drinking.Researcher Liu Shenglan at the Development Research Center of the State Council pointed out that the weakness of health awareness and insisting on difficulties and procrastination are the biggest obstacles to the development of healthy lifestyles.

Amway Nutrilite knows that with the pursuit of health, walking with others is better than struggling alone.Therefore, in the past three years, Amway, in the past three years, aims to comprehensively promote health and build a better life, manage hundreds of thousands of big health and good life communities through nearly 200,000 marketers, spread health knowledge, provide customized health solutionsHelp to shape the public healthy lifestyle.

Pan Mujian, CEO of Amway, said that the latest release of the “2024 National Healthy Lifestyle Intervention Research Research Report” fully proves the practicality and effectiveness of healthy communities in improving health awareness and promoting healthy lifestyle.Amway has contributed the value of the society based on a large health community’s business model: cultivating professional health service personnel, leading the public to develop a healthy lifestyle, providing health entrepreneurship opportunities, and promoting enterprise growth.These measures have injected professional and vibrant grassroots support for the construction of healthy China.

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