Culture China Line | In Qingdao, "Art Holiday" has gradually become new fashion

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Exercise new customers, create new supply, and cultivate new scenarios

In Qingdao, “Art Holiday” has gradually become new fashion

During the “May Day” holiday, Qingdao’s cultural activities were wonderful. With the emergence of new gameplay such as “light people” and “relaxation,” the humanistic vacation life that focused on “experience first” attracted citizens and tourists to the cultural venue to check in.In the corner of the streets and alleys of Qingdao, major cultural venues and art venues are working on new customers, creating new supply, and cultivating new scenes. One -stop opening of the barriers of “poetry and distant”, turning “traffic” to “reserve”.

Enjoy “art holiday”

How to avoid stroke anxiety and a relaxation trip?Qingdao’s cultural venues have launched colorful and colorful activities, and sincerely welcome visitors from all directions.The image of spiritual -World Art Masters Poster Collection Exhibition, Wind of May — to commemorate the 105th anniversary exhibition of the May 4th Movement, Fashion Lidian · Flower Show Square Fashion Asian Trend Art Season, Plant Imaging Static Exhibition, Qingdao Shanshui Painting Sketching SketchingExhibition exhibition … Qingdao Art Museum, Qingdao Library, Qingdao Museum, Qingdao Sculpture Museum, etc. have been “new” before the festival. A group of high -quality exhibitions make the holiday “artistic quantity”.

Visitors visit the Camel Xiangzi Museum.

On the first day of the “May 1st” holiday, Huang Yongyu’s printmaking art exhibition was launched in 2024. The Qingdao Art Museum ushered in a wave of viewing as scheduled.According to statistics, the number of visitors in the museum is nearly 4,000. In order to meet the needs of the visit, the museum has delayed the opening time during the festival to 18 points.

On May 2nd, the reporter encountered a group of students from Shandong Art College of the Shandong Academy of Art at the Qingdao Sculpture Hall.Xu Qingfeng, the dean of the college, came to “chasing the stars” on the day of the exhibition. After that, he strongly recommended this exhibition to the students.As a result, many students used their holidays to make a special trip to Qingdao from Jinan.Ye Dongwei, the person in charge of the art activity of the Qingdao Sculpture Museum, told reporters that because the exhibition is the last stop at the exhibition in China, this exhibition has attracted a group of foreign literary enthusiasts to make a special “flying” to worship the master.

The fashionable cultural activity allows the youthful strength of the “May Day”.In Dabao Island District, culture and art were moved to the corner of the streets and alleys, and the “dancing labor rhythm” activity brought surprise dance performances in all corners of the neighborhood through the form of pop -up;, Paradoxes on the street with a handheld frame, attracting tourists to take pictures and punch cards.

Experience travel relaxation

Qingdao’s popular scenic spots are crowded, and some citizens are “reverse tourism” to enter the art gallery, old photo halls, Zhongshan Road Memorial Hall, Chocolate Museum, Tibetan Wind Experience Hall.Valuable relaxation and immersion.

“In the past, eating, drinking, crazy shopping, and punching everywhere may be the main theme of the holidays.” Ms. Nie, who stopped to enjoy the old image of Zhongshan Road in the old photo hall, said, “Now see everyone’s holiday life in the circle of friends, the holiday life is very diverse.The cultural experience has become a new fashion for vacation consumption.Wang Yuxuan found a harbor that was quiet and relaxed. “I think the architecture of the West Sea Art Museum itself is a artwork. Both the external shape and the internal space are very clever. You can go out to see the sea after watching the exhibition.Cozy.

“Give up to chase the net red card, no longer anxious travel planning form, you may really feel the nature of travel relaxing the body and mind.” On the evening of May 2, Mr. Liu, a Shaanxi tourist who was waiting for the light show, told reporters that he told reporters that he told reportersAfter watching the Fun player at the 18th of Taipingjiao during the day, after the invitation exhibition of the trend art, he chose to sit away at the nearby coffee shop.

During the “May 1st” holiday, Mr. Zhang accompanied his girlfriend to experience the Qingdao Van Gogh Starry Sky Art Museum. “Compared with people’s attractions everywhere, it is more suitable for two people to roam.”His stereotypes of the art venue, “In my impression, the art museum is the art display that can’t be understood. After visiting it here, I found that the use of various optical technologies makes the art museum also have considerable playability.”” (“(Qingdao Daily/Guanhai Journalist Cui Yan intern Liu Ziming.

Qingdao Daily, May 4, 2024, 3rd edition

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