Ecological environmental protection continues to advance, and the new energy theme ETF (516580) rises by 2.15%

At 09:54 on May 9, 2024, the CSI New Energy Index (399808) rose 2.37%, ingredient stocks were promoted (300073) to 8.63%, German nanomant (300769) rose 7.05%.002865) rose 6.73%, Hunan Yuneng, Rongbai Technology (688005) and other individual stocks rose.New energy theme ETF (516580) rose 2.15%, and the latest price was 0.48 yuan.

It is worth noting that the valuation of the CSI new energy index tracked by the fund is at a historic low. The latest net net rate PB is 2.08 times, which is less than 85.14%of the index in nearly a year, and the valuation is prominent.

New energy theme ETF closely tracks CSI New Energy Index, CSI New Energy Index selection of listed company securities as index samples involved in renewable energy production, new energy applications, new energy storage, and new energy interaction equipment as index samples to reflect new energy sources to reflect new energy sourcesThe overall performance of the securities of the industry -related listed company.

The data shows that as of April 30, 2024, the top ten rights heavy shares of China Securities New Energy Index (399808) were Ningde Times (300750) (300750), Longji Green Energy (601012), and Sunshine Power (300274) (300274)., China Nuclear Power (601985) (601985), Special Transformer (600089) (600089), Three Gorges Energy (600905), Tongwei (600438) (600438), Yimei Lithium (300014) (300014), Tianqi Lithium LithiumIndustry (002466) (002466) and Ganfeng Lithium (002460) (002460), the total top ten stocks accounted for 47.05%.

On May 7, 2024, the third round of the second batch of central ecological environmental protection inspectors was fully launched, focusing on focusing on green low -carbon and high -quality development.Establish 7 ecological environmental protection inspection teams to carry out a one -month inspection work for 7 provinces and cities including Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Jiangxi, respectively.The “high one” project blindly launched and eliminated backward production capacity.

Everbright Securities pointed out that the continuous advancement of central ecological environmental protection inspections and the great importance of the country’s high attention to the development of the carbon market reflect the determination of the country to practice green development.In the short term, administrative requirements and price signals will change the market expectations to supply contraction logic; in the middle and long term, the high energy consumption industry will be transferred to clean energy gathering places in the future.Competitiveness.It is recommended to pay attention to the segmented industries with relatively higher energy consumption and carbon emissions in the field of new energy.

New Energy Theme ETF (516580), off -site connection (Class A: 019855; Class C: 019856).

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