Education -based middle school information technology teaching research


  Dong Xiaoyun No. 1 Senior Middle School in Taiqian County, Henan Province

  With the rapid development of science and technology and the take -off of my country’s economy, information technology has been widely used, and students’ demand for information technology knowledge has increased. Information technology education has become an indispensable part of middle school education.Under the new normal of economic development, innovation -driven advantages have become increasingly apparent, cultivating students’ creative thinking, and achieving the promotion and popularization of information technology knowledge through innovative education to become the mainstream.In the background of the new era, how to effectively conduct information technology teaching in middle school, cultivate students’ information technology professionalism and comprehensive innovation ability, and become an urgent problem of education in middle school education.

  1. The connotation of innovation education

  Innovative education focuses on cultivating students ‘innovative spirit and practical ability. Through optimizing the education process and updating education content and methods, it will create an educational environment that is conducive to innovation, stimulate students’ innovative potential, and make them a society with innovative spirit and innovation ability.Construction of doctrine.The core of innovation education is to cultivate students ‘innovative thinking, innovative ability and innovative personality. It requires teachers to not only teach knowledge in the process of education, but also pay attention to guiding students to actively explore, discover and solve problems, cultivate students’ independent learning and continuous learningAbility.

  2. The characteristics of middle school information technology teaching in the new period

  (1) The teaching environment further improves

  In recent years, my country’s economy has continued to develop, and the state’s support for education has been further increased. In addition, the development of science and technology has reduced the cost of information technology and equipment. More and more primary and secondary schools have purchased multimedia classrooms, computer laboratories, and networks. Modern information technology teaching equipment such as the teaching experiment system, the middle school information technology teaching environment has been greatly improved.

  (2) Further optimization of teaching content

  With the changes in the times and the adjustment of social needs, the content of information technology teaching is constantly updated.In the new period, middle school information technology teaching has not only implemented computer basic knowledge and basic concept teaching, but also began to involve many fields such as programming, network security, and artificial intelligence. Through education and training students in these professional fieldsQuality.

  (3) The teaching methods are further improved

  In response to the increase in the needs of innovative education in the new period, middle school information technology teaching has begun to adopt innovative teaching methods and means to develop more teaching models to break traditional thinking, such as task -driven teaching methods, project -style learning, flipping classrooms, etc., and aims to stimulateStudents’ learning interests and initiative, improve practical ability and innovation ability.

  3. The current problems facing middle school information technology teaching

  (1) Unexplicable distribution of teaching resources

  At present, my country’s economic and social development is unbalanced, and there is a large difference in the level of economic development between regions. The investment in education has different investment in education. In addition, the formulation of policies is regional and timeliness, resulting in uneven distribution of teaching resources in some regions in some regions EssenceIn some remote areas or schools that are underdeveloped, due to lack of sufficient capital and technical support, they are unable to purchase modern teaching equipment and cannot provide sufficient teaching and research conditions.

  (2) Teaching content is disconnected from practical application

  Although some schools have increased the importance of information technology and began to increase the proportion of information technology teaching in the overall teaching plan, in some developed areas, the space for the application of information technology knowledge is still limited, and the teaching content and actual applications have a certain degree.Disclosure.Some schools only stay in the experimental teaching stage listed in theoretical teaching and textbooks. The lack of practical application scenarios, making it difficult for students to fully understand and apply knowledge.

  (3) Education concept needs to be innovated

  Although many schools have realized the diversification of teaching methods and means, in actual teaching, teachers still use traditional teaching concepts, lack of innovation and flexibility, traditional teaching concepts cannot be integrated with modern teaching facilities, modern information technology teachingCan’t really be implemented.

  Fourth, middle school information technology innovation teaching mode exploration

  (1) Build an innovative teaching environment

  Under the concept of innovation education, cultivating students’ innovation ability has become one of the important teaching goals of the school.The school should provide rich informatization teaching resources, create an open and inclusive learning atmosphere, encourage students to learn and collaborate in accordance with their own conditions and regional fiscal support, to build an innovative teaching environment.

  (2) Integrated interdisciplinary teaching content

  In order to enhance the comprehensive literacy of students, the school should explore the integration teaching of information technology and other disciplines, and apply information technology to other discipline teaching activities. For example, in historical teaching, information technology is usedInformation technology conducts data processing and visualization to achieve the comprehensive development of students.

  (3) Using diversified teaching methods

  Stimulating students’ learning interest and initiative is very important, and schools should explore and promote diversified teaching methods.Project -based learning can allow students to master knowledge and skills in the process of solving practical problems.You can also promote the flipping classroom so that students can deepen their understanding and applied knowledge through class discussions and cooperation based on class discussions and cooperation.

  (4) Pay attention to the cultivation of innovative thinking

  Schools should pay attention to cultivating students’ practical ability and innovative thinking. In the teaching process, some challenging tasks or projects are set up, such as programming applications, security technology offensive and defensive drills, etc., allowing students to master knowledge and skills through practice, and think and explore through thinking and exploring.Cultivate innovative thinking, create conditions, and encourage students to participate in information technology competitions and extracurricular practice activities to expand students’ social vision.


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