Fangxian Vocational School: Implement the "Vocational Education Law" to promote the development of vocational education

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  The school actively responded to the requirements of the Vocational Education Law, strengthened the construction of teachers, optimized curriculum settings, strengthened practical teaching, and strived to cultivate technical talents with innovative spirit and practical ability.Through continuous learning and training, teachers improve their professionalism to meet the needs of vocational education in the new era. 

  Fangxian Vocational School actively explores a new model of integration of production and education and school -enterprise cooperation, closely connect with local enterprises, jointly develop courses, and set up internship training bases to allow students to learn and grow in the real workplace environment, improve their employment competitionforce. 

  The school has also increased investment, improves hardware facilities, builds a modern teaching environment, and provides students with better learning conditions.At the same time, by hosting various types of skills competitions and cultural festivals, students’ interest in learning and improving their comprehensive quality.

  The person in charge of Fangxian Vocational School stated that it will continue to deepen the reform of education and teaching with the “Vocational Education Law”.strength. 

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