Five elementary school students in Canada feel uncomfortable to send them to the hospital: I ate marijuana food brought by my classmates

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Recently, five students in Halifax, Canada, were taken to the hospital for eating marijuana food brought by classmates to the school. Police are investigating this.

According to GlobalNews, in a statement on Thursday, the police of the Halifax area confirmed thatAt about 2:45 pm on Wednesday, several students received alarm on drugs suspected of taking drugs, and the incident occurred in SpringVale Elementary School.

Police officer John Macleod said, “A student brought a package from the home from home to the school, and shared with the other four studentsEssence”

“”For prevention measures, these students were sent to the hospital for treatment because they all showed signs of intake.

Macleod said investigators are seeking conversations with affected students and parents to obtain more information.

“This intake will not endanger life. But more importantly, they get medical assistance to ensure that these students have no problems,” he added.On Wednesday night, the school sent SMS and email to the parents to inform the events they had happened.

“”Please spend some time tonight to talk about the importance of not sharing food/drinks with other students, and not accepting food/drinks of other students, “The email wrote.

“The safety and health of all our students are our primary tasks.”

Police said they were investigating the matter.

Halifax Education Regional Center (HRCE) stated in a statement that they learned the situation shortly after the accident.

“”They feel uncomfortable at school and need medical treatment“HRCE spokesman Lindsey Bunin said.

“This incident is being handled by the police and processed in accordance with the province’s school behavior guidelines.”

NOVA Scotia Teacher Trade Union Chairman Ryan Lutes described the incident as “parent’s nightmare” on Thursday.

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