Focus on Wealth: The "empowerment" of the new quality product "empowerment" Qingdao’s financial industry accelerates "new"

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▲ The “Tongyuan Zhiyuan Haichuang Future” summit was held.

Qingdao’s financial industry is continuing to “empower” new quality productivity.

Finance is the blood of the national economy and an important department of social resource allocation.In the cultivation and development of new productive forces, finance plays a key role in support and promotion.At present, one of the key tasks of financial work is to guide financial capital to invest more in the field of scientific and technological innovation, help the formation of new quality productive forces, promote economic transformation and upgrade, and achieve high -quality economic development.

Because of this, in the process of accelerating the development of new quality productivity, various banks in Qingdao actively played the main role of financial troops. By launching exclusive products and increasing resource support, etc., they actively promoted the cultivation and development of new productivity.”Acceleration”.

Build a “equity investment and financing ecosystem”

Recently, China Agricultural Bank of China Investment Banking and Qingdao Haier Venture Capital Co., Ltd. successfully held the “Tongyuan Zhiyuan, Haichuang Future ‘2024 Equity Investment to promote new productivity development summit in 2024.本次峰会旨在汇聚政府、银行、创投机构、产业园区等各方力量,充分发挥各方优势,促进产融对接、产业落地、招商引资,更好赋能科技型企业“拉长板、The shortcomings “will help Qingdao’s industrial chain” extended chain and strong chain “, better cultivate and promote the growth of new quality productive forces, and promote the high -quality development of Qingdao regional economy.

During this event, the Bank of Agricultural Bank Investment Bank and Haier Chuang Investment signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation.The two parties will carry out comprehensive and in -depth cooperation in multiple areas of investment banking business. By establishing long -term communication mechanisms and integrating resources of both parties, focusing on promoting equity investment cooperation, investment banking research cooperation, investment and financing recommendation, etc.Serve.

The person in charge of the Agricultural Bank of China Qingdao Branch said that the Agricultural Bank Qingdao Branch, as one of the first 11 national key science and technology financial enterprise service centers of Agricultural Bank, will rely on the cooperation of the Agricultural Bank of China with the support of the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to jointly venture capital enterprises, securities firms, and securities firms, securities firms, securities firms, brokers, securities firms, brokers, and securities firms, brokerage firms, brokers, and brokers, and brokerages.Partners such as law firms help more high -quality technology -based enterprises to carry out equity financing, help local governments do a good job of “dual -handed and dual quotes” and industrial docking work, and build a special model and characteristic path for service technology -based enterprises and local economic development.

It is reported that.The Agricultural Bank of China Qingdao Branch used technology finance as a strategic priority business, established a new “five specialty” working mechanism of specialized specialty, and formulated “twelve measures to improve quality and efficiency improvement of science and technology finance” and “one ring two chain” comprehensive service solutions.Island city technology -based enterprises provide accurate, high -quality and efficient financial services.At present, 127 “little giants” enterprises have been served, more than 3,300 “specialized new” enterprises, 2,400 high -tech enterprises, and cumulative funds for technology companies with more than 50 billion yuan.

“Double -wheel drive” meets the needs of science and technology enterprises

The Bank of China Qingdao Branch adheres to the big article “Science and Technology Finance”, gives full play to the role of financial resources in the allocation of scientific and technological innovation elements, strengthens financial services for the full life cycle of science and technology enterprises, and allows technological innovation to transform into promoting economic high as soon as possible to promote high economic high as soon as possibleQuality development productivity.

Cleaning rough processing, freezing, FD vacuum freezing and drying, packaging storage … In the 100,000 -level clean production workshop of Shanghao Technology Co., Ltd., the production line of enterprises’ independent innovation research and development is intensifying production.This Shandong Province “specialized new” and Qingdao “invisible champion” enterprise already has 32 invention authorization patents with frozen dried fruits and vegetables.

The transformation and upgrading of a series of scientific and technological research and development results allows the seemingly unusual agricultural products such as primary fruits and vegetables to double the value chain.”Enterprise science and technology research and development investment is high, and the amount of funds in the technology research and development of new automatic 5G digital Internet intelligent factories is large.Yuan Credit Funds provides support for the continuous expansion of the enterprise. “The person in charge of the enterprise introduced.Through various forms such as the grassroots, visiting enterprises, and the truth, Qingdao Zhongxing strengthens the “one household, one policy” service capabilities, and finds the targeted effort of the technology innovation needs of enterprises.Support key core technologies, effectively solve practical problems of corporate financing difficulties and expensive financing, strengthen financing and wisdom support for key technology industries, and promote the “increase and expansion” of financing enterprises in science and technology innovation enterprises.

Qingdao Zhongxing implemented the new development concept, designing “two -wheel drive” through product research and development and financial service solutions, providing refined and differentiated financial services to fully meet the financing needs of science and technology enterprises.Develop special product solutions such as “talent loans” and “high -tech loan” according to local conditions, effectively solve the problem of lack of pledged materials for science and technology enterprises, promote the application of intellectual property transformation, make “one paper proof” become “real gold and silver”, and effectively support enterprises to support enterprisesIntelligent, digital transformation.As of the end of February this year, Qingdao Zhongxing has provided credit support for nearly 1,000 technology -based enterprises. The balance of scientific and technological loans exceeds 17 billion yuan, and new capacity for new productivity has emerged.

“All Life cycle” service enterprise

As the core component of the financial market, the capital market is an important force to promote high -quality economic development, promote the transformation and upgrading of the real economy, and help the growth of scientific and technological innovation enterprises. It is a key hub connecting the financial and real economy.The Qingdao Branch of Industrial Bank of China fully implements the strategy of “Commercial Bank + Investment Bank” strategy of the head office, anchor the main channel for the high -quality development of the real economy to serve the real economy.Essence

Focusing on the customer base of listed companies, the Industrial Bank Qingdao Branch adheres to the “full life cycle” business philosophy, continuously upgrades and optimizes the financial service system, and strives to create a “full life cycle” comprehensive service brand of science and technology finance.In response to the needs of differentiated financial services in the initial period, growth period, and maturity period of enterprises, the Qingdao Branch of Industrial Bank provides an integrated financial solution for “equity investment, capital market, mergers and acquisitions financing” to practice the “sincere service companion growth” business philosophy.

Relying on the “technical flow” innovation evaluation system, the Qingdao Branch of Industrial Bank has created a comprehensive service system for “online + offline”, “financing + integration” and “business banks + investment banks” for science and technology enterprises., Investment and financing institutions and other integration and linkage to jointly build a new ecosystem of technology finance.At present, the service coverage rate of 190 national specialized “Little Giant” enterprises in Qingdao has exceeded 60 %.

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