Further optimize the business environment to help the economic development of the economy

Zhao Qin

At present, my country’s economy has shifted from a high -speed growth stage to a high -quality development stage.To promote the high -quality economic development, it not only needs to continuously improve the “hard environment” such as infrastructure, but also deepen the reform and innovation of the system and mechanism, further optimize the business environment, stimulate the vitality of the market entity, and achieve new breakthroughs in the “soft environment”.

A good business environment is

Important foundation for high -quality economic development

The business environment is a systematic environment, which refers to the general name and conditions that accompanies the entire process and conditions of the entire process of economic and social activities, which usually include the government environment, market environment, international environment, rule of law environment, and corporate development environment.And social environment, etc.It can be said that in addition to the acquisition of infrastructure, the business environment emphasizes the “soft environment” of marketization, rule of law, facilitation, and internationalization.The 2018 government work report clearly states that optimizing the business environment is to liberate productivity and improve competitiveness.The quality of the business environment directly determines the quality and speed of economic development of a country or region.Therefore, competition between regions is also a certain extent.At present, the economy of Heilongjiang Province is still in the critical period of concentrated negative stirring and cultivation of new kinetic energy in the traditional industrial field, intertwined with each other and racing with each other.Competitiveness needs to be enhanced, and there are still deep -seated contradictions and problems that are not adapted to the development of the market economy.In the context of the increasingly fierce regional competition, further optimizing the business environment, it is of great significance for building a modern economic system, realizing the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and promoting high -quality economic development.

A good business environment is conducive to attracting the agglomeration development elements.Forty years of reform and opening up, the “resource dividends” and “population dividends” of my country’s economic and social development are gradually disappearing, and “policy dividends” will gradually weaken. In the future, economic and social development will rely on “innovative dividends”, “talent dividends” and “institutional dividends” drive.In this context, creating a fair, efficient, honest and trustworthy, democratic rule of law, stable and orderly business environment, and predictable business environment has become an inevitable choice to promote the high -quality development of the regional economy.The good business environment is conducive to the inflowing and agglomeration of various development elements such as capital, technology, and talents, and promoting the transformation of regional economy from traditional cost advantages to brand, capital, technology, service, and talent as the core., And further an important impact on economic growth, industrial development, fiscal and taxation income, social employment, etc.

A good business environment is conducive to stimulating the vitality of various market players.Market entities are a micro foundation for promoting high -quality development.From the World Bank’s business environment evaluation index system, we can see that the system and the legal environment of enterprises’ establishment, operation and development are the core of the business environment. This also reflects the pursuit of market entities to pursue equal rights, opportunities for opportunities, and equal rules.Assembly.With the slowdown of the world economic growth, optimizing the business environment, reducing tax reduction and increasing corporate competitiveness for enterprises have become an important means for countries to boost the economy.In a good business environment, the government and the market are clear, the market mechanism is effective, the regulatory supervision and supervision are standardized, and the process of work process is standardized.The market entity retains well. If outside regional enterprises want to come in and invest in business, innovation and entrepreneurship can be more active, and the vitality and social creativity of market players can be fully stimulated.

Service market subject

Promote high -quality economic development

Promoting the high -quality economic development is to adhere to quality first and benefit first on the basis of maintaining a certain growth rate of economy. This requires a fair and efficient business environment with effective market mechanisms and macro -control.

The first is to strengthen the top -level design and institutional arrangements and promote it as a whole.Optimizing the business environment is a systematic engineering involving economic and social reforms and opening up to the outside world. Only by breaking obstacles, annoyance, and building a tantrum can we add vitality to market entities and increase convenience to the people.Optimize the fair and efficient business environment, focus on the entire system, carry out top -level design, and promote it in all aspects.At present, the general law of the flow of factors should be studied in depth. In response to the actual situation of Heilongjiang’s business environment, investigate and analyze the good environmental goals and current problems required for enterprises.Study and formulate a detailed and specific business environment action plan, clarify target tasks, optimize key points, optimize measures, etc., and promote the process of rule, internationalization, and facilitation of the business environment of Heilongjiang.

The second is to further rationalize the relationship between the government and the market and improve the rules.Creating a fair and efficient business environment is the government’s responsibility.It is necessary to accurately grasp the relationship between the government and the market and society, deal with the relationship between things and inaction, further transform government functions, deepen the reform of the “decentralization of service”, and put the “decentralized service” reforms, “put it on thoroughly, the management of the tube is in place, and the service of the service.”Go home”, improve the transparency and convenience of government services.Therefore, it is necessary to simplify the processing process of corporate work, accelerate the reconstruction of service processes, improve information level and service efficiency, reduce institutional transaction costs, optimize state -owned economic layout, and support the development of private enterprises.In addition, while encouraging the innovation of market players, the government must also pay attention to creating a good environment for the rule of law in the rule of law, effectively protect the effective transformation of innovative results, and stimulate and protect the spirit of entrepreneurs; create a more open investment environment, a more convenient trade environment, and a more convenient trade environment, andA more loose development environment, stimulating the endogenous motivation of enterprises’ innovation and development.

The third is to vigorously promote the rule of law of the business environment and do things in accordance with the law.The rule of law is the fundamental guarantee for creating a fair and fair business environment.The business environment of rule of law means that the government, enterprises and individuals must strictly abide by laws and regulations, and all economic activities and behaviors must be engaged in accordance with the law.通过推进法治化来建设更加透明、更加便利的营商环境,需要进一步明确政府的权力边界,理清各管理部门的关系,强化依法行政的理念,依法规范行政权力运行,杜绝“找关系”“”Take the back door”, truly put the power into the cage of the system, resolutely investigate and deal with the abuse of administrative power exclusion and restricting competition, and continuously improve the government’s credibility and execution; we need to increase law enforcement, increase illegal costs, and severely crack down on fakes and inferiority., Commercial bribery and other behaviors, establish a comprehensive social credit and market supervision system; need to strengthen the publicity and education and public opinion guidance of the rule of law, improve the legal literacy of the whole people, enhance the awareness of law -abiding and rights protection of business entities and even the whole people;The association preach the rules, regulations, policies and measures of government service economy development, and provide enterprises with personalized policy and legal support services.

The fourth is to accelerate the establishment of the business environment evaluation system and track evaluation.To promote the improvement of the business environment and promote the high -quality development of the economy, it is necessary to accelerate the construction of the index system of the business environment.Systems sort out research on the spirit of various documents promulgated by the Central and Heilongjiang Province since the reform of the “decentralization service”.It can reflect the indicators of characteristics and descriptions of the characteristics of the business environment in our province at this stage, and build a comprehensive evaluation system for Heilongjiang Province, including the convenience of the business environment, the rule of law, and internationalization.On this basis, strive to improve the scientific, standardized and rigorous nature of various survey data and its renewable data, openly select the third -party institutions of the society, eliminate the interference and influence of the interesting parties, and fairly and independent to all parts of the provinceThe municipal business environment carried out assessment and evaluation.(Author unit: Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Social Sciences)

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