Harbin: Practicing the concept of green development is classified into new fashion

Harbin launched the pilot work of garbage classification in 2018, and used garbage classification as an important political task to improve the living environment and promote green development, and continued to increase its progress.Since February of this year, 136 street offices in Harbin 9 districts have launched the pilot creation of domestic waste classification.At present, there are 257 pilot communities (villages) and more than 3,000 pilot public institutions and related enterprises. The garbage classification model is initially formed in the exploration.

Strengthen the top -level design steadily to advance

The author learned from the Harbin Urban Management Bureau that Harbin City took the fundamental guarantee for strengthening organizational leadership and top -level design, and solidly carried out garbage classification work.The Harbin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attaches great importance to the classification of garbage. The main leaders and leaders of the main leaders have held many special conference research and deployment to coordinate and promote related work.In March 2018, the Harbin Municipal Government issued the “Harbin Municipal Domestic Waste Classification Work Plan”, and established the head of the mayor, the deputy mayor of the deputy mayor, the deputy mayor, the deputy head of the municipal government, and the main heads of the district governments as a member of the members.Municipal garbage classification work leadership group.

As the office of the Leading Group, Harbin Municipal Bureau of Urban Management, approved by the Harbin Municipal Government, has formulated and issued the “Harbin Municipal Domestic Waste Classification Work Specifications” and “Evaluation Measures for Harbin City’s Domestic Waste Classification Work Evaluation Measures”.The government regulations are managed by garbage classification, and the scientific and standardized development of garbage classification work is guided.

During the visit, the author also learned that in the early days of the garbage classification work, Harbin City also distributed kitchen waste and other garbage bags for residents every day, and placed a certain amount of recyclable can be recycled in the community property management houses and other places.The garbage bag required for things is convenient for residents to take themselves.For harmful garbage, due to the small output and the convenient placement, it can be released with the incidence.At the same time, it is encouraged to adopt a market -oriented method of operation, select qualified enterprises to enter the community, participate in garbage classification work, and give residents to the proper material rewards for residents to properly put into classification garbage through the establishment of the integration exchange platform.Public institutions and related enterprises have carried out the promotion and training of garbage classification in their own units, regularly organize garbage classification publicity activities or knowledge lectures, and cultivate employees’ awareness of classification.

Explore the establishment of closed garbage classification and disposal system

According to reports, with the fundamental goal of replication and promotion, Harbin City explores the establishment of closed garbage classification and disposal systems.The source classification of residential family is the most basic and critical link of the entire garbage classification system, and it is the top priority that is related to the success or failure of the entire garbage classification system.During the pilot period, a simple and easy -to -understand description method of “can sell money, toxic, leftovers, leftovers, and leftover” is used to explain the recycling, harmful, kitchen waste, and other types of garbage, and distribute it for free for free.There are more than 240,000 garbage bags, more than 12,000 categories of garbage bins are set up, and the citizens are guided to set the garbage in fixed, time, and classification.

It is understood that for recyclables, Harbin City carried out the cleanup and rectification of waste acquisition stations.Each pilot community and public institutions are connected with qualified recycling enterprises with qualified resources. By collecting car tour collection, hotline phone or mobile APP orders, the income office integration and terminal resources are realized;Establishing harmful garbage temporary storage and classification storage of harmful garbage.Recently, the Harbin Municipal Government is organizing the planning and expansion projects of hazardous waste disposal facilities to further improve the ability to use harmful waste resources; for kitchen waste and kitchen waste, a total of 2500 in the six main urban areas of the Harbin food waste treatment plant operating enterprises.The kitchen waste of the Yujia public institutions and related enterprises, as well as the piloted community kitchen waste garbage with conditions and convenient routes for centralized receipts, daily processing capacity of 300 tons.On this basis, the Harbin Urban Management Bureau fully promoted the construction of the expansion project of the dining and kitchen plant, and strived to build a trial operation at the end of the expansion project at the end of next year.At the same time, another 500 -ton dining kitchen waste treatment facilities are planned in Songbei District to further meet the needs of kitchen waste and kitchen waste treatment in Harbin cities;On the basis of Nissan Riqing, we will increase the new and expanded efforts of domestic waste treatment projects to comprehensively improve the harmless treatment capacity of garbage.

The garbage classification has become a new fashion in Harbin, recognized by many citizens, and actively implemented in action.A few days ago, the author found at the Splendid Huacheng community in Nangang District, Harbin City that each garbage classification site had a clear classification logo. The words “recyclable”, “harmful garbage” and “other garbage” were written at a glance when the residents of the community were released.The author looked at a few trash cans and found that the mineral water bottle, disposable lunch box, etc. were installed in recyclable garbage and other trash bins, respectively.

In the entire garbage classification chain, the source classification is the first difficulty, which is inseparable from publicity and education.The relevant staff of the Urban Management Department of the Yuejin Street Office of Nangang District said: “We formulated the workflow in combination with the actual situation. Community cadres were promoted by households, and each community cadre was responsible for 500 households; party members, volunteers, and housing management officers also joined it.In addition to issuing leaflets, we also demonstrate it by ourselves. We will distribute recyclable bags for free to allow residents to divide the garbage at home. Especially for kitchen waste, we educate residents to dry them before putting it on.Guide residents to classify by the box. If the residents are put in an error, there will be property cleaning staff to sort. “

According to reports, in the pilot communities and public institutions, Harbin also carried out various forms of publicity and display activities. A total of more than 5,900 publicity boards were organized, 380,000 propaganda materials were distributed, and various media platforms were made to make full use of various media platforms.There are more than 200 special reports and more than 300 public welfare publicity advertisements to broadcast public welfare publicity and social practice activities such as “rhythm and environmental protection first”, creating a good atmosphere that is conducive to the development of garbage classification.At the same time, actively coordinate the work of “entering the campus and entering the classroom” of garbage classification, promote the incorporation of domestic garbage classification knowledge into kindergartens, primary and secondary school textbooks or reading books, and promote the formation of a benign interactive atmosphere of “educating a child, affecting a family, and driving a community”.Essence

2020 garbage classification acceptance will all reach the standard

It is understood that while conducting supervision and spot checks in the Office of the Leading Group of the Garbage Category, Harbin City also plans to connect with universities in Harbin to introduce third -party institutions to hire college students as social supervisors to supervise the development of garbage classification in the city.Evaluation and evaluation system, build a socialized supervision and assessment mechanism, and link with the municipal -level investment funds at the municipal level to achieve investment in questioning and reaching standards.

Judging from the current progress, Harbin garbage classification is still in the pilot stage, and the garbage classification model is continuously improved.In the next step, the Harbin Urban Management Bureau will further increase organizational coordination, by increasing capital investment, mobilizing social participation, improving and improving the management and supervision system, improving supervision teams, strengthening publicity and education, continuously consolidating the pilot results of garbage classification, further explorationEstablish a replicable and promoted garbage classification model, and gradually push away throughout the city to ensure that before the end of 2020, the total residential area, public institutions and related enterprises in the city reached 100%.The goal of “Basically Establishing Waste Classification and Treatment System, the utilization rate of domestic waste recycling has reached 35%”.

At the same time, Harbin City will also introduce the credit evaluation system in a timely manner according to the actual situation to link the residents to the properly linked to classified garbage and personal credit. Through credit punishment and other methods, it will further enhance the sense of garbage classification in the whole society.

According to reports, in order to accelerate the construction of Harbin’s domestic waste classification system, Harbin has further clarified several critical time points.Before the end of December this year, the launch rate of garbage classification in all residential areas in the city will reach 100%, and the rate of acceptance of the acceptance standard will reach more than 30%; the coercive classification coverage rate of public institutions will reach 100%; the garbage classification rate of related enterprises will reach more than 60%.Before the end of June 2020, the total residential area, public institutions and related enterprises in all residential areas, public institutions, and related enterprises have reached more than 70%.Before the end of December 2020, the total residential area, public institutions and related enterprises in all residential areas, public institutions, and related enterprises have reached 100%.The city has a well -established closed system of classification, classification collection, classification, transportation, and classification, and realizes the goals of the “basic waste classification treatment system” proposed by the Ministry of Housing and Construction.

The garbage classification, as an important part of winning the battle against pollution, is not only a major issue, but also has important practical significance.In the future, Harbin City will improve the policy system, improve the basis of the legal system, strengthen public opinion guidance, and make garbage classification work more solid and effective.

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