How much do you know about exercise?

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Sports are hereHumanityDuring the development process, the gradually developed in a consciousness to themselvesphysical fitnessVarious activities of cultivation, havePhysical fitness,entertainment,educateAs well aspoliticsAs well aseconomyWaiting for functions.Sports is a complex social and cultural phenomenon.BasicThe purpose is to enhance physical fitness, improve health, and cultivate people’s various psychological quality.Especially with the development of socio -economic development, people have put forward higher requirements for spiritual needs.The exercise is not just fitness, but more importantly, it gives people a sense of release of spirit and nervousness, a sense of joy, sense of accomplishment, and mood.Sports to enrich the cultural life of people, promote the spirit of collectivism, patriotism, and enhance the country and the nation.Centripetal forceAs well asCohesion, They all have an indispensable role.
Sports are roughly divided into four categories: competitive sports, entertainment and sports, mass sports, and medical sports.
Athletic Movement:The competitive movement is also called “competitive sports“It refers to to defeat the opponent, achieve excellent exercise results, maximize and improve individuals, collective physical fitness, psychology, andExercise abilityScientific, systematic training and competitions for the potential of the other aspects.Contains two forms of sports training and sports competition.
The competitive movement carried out in the world today is the product of social history.Far in more than 700 BCAncient Greece TimesThere are many projects such as racing, throwing, wrestling, etc., and there have been hundreds of kinds of development.The generally carried out projects include track and field, gymnastics,basketballAs well asvolleyballAs well asfootballAs well aspingpongAs well asbadminton, Weightlifting, swimming, bicycles, etc.Countries and regions also have their own special national traditional projects, such asChinese martial arts, Southeast Asian Vine Ball,Cabadiwait.
Entertainment sports:Entertainment sports refers to a sports activity, which is the purpose of entertaining the body and mind at the rest of the time or at a specific time.It has the characteristics of amateur, entertainment and entertainment.The content usually includes ball sports, active games, travel, chess and traditional national sports.
According to the organization of the activity, it can be divided into individuals, families and collectives; according to the conditions of the activity, it can be divided into indoor and outdoor; according to competition, it can be divided into competition and non -competitive competition; business and non -business;Can be divided into ornamental activities and sports activities.Carrying out leisure and sports activities is conducive to physical and mental health, stimulate mood, and cultivate noble character.
Volkswagen Sports:Volkswagen is also known as “social sports” and “mass sports”.It is to entertain the physical and mental, strengthen physical fitness, prevent and treat diseases and cultivate sports reserve talents, and the general term that is widely carried out in the society.Including employee sports, farmers’ sports, community sports, elderly sports, women’s sports, disabled sports, etc.The main forms are exercise groups, sports teams, counseling stations, sports homes, sports centers, sports clubs, chess clubs, and personal free physical exercise.Mass sports activities should follow the principles of people, local, time, time, and amateur, voluntary, small, diverse, civilized and other principles.The extensive development of mass sports activities is an important way to play the social functions of sports, improve national quality and complete sports tasks.
Medical Sports:Medical sports refer to medical methods to use exercise to treat certain diseases and injuries to restore and improve physical function.Generally without time, place, and equipment conditions restrictions.Medical gymnastics, jogging, walking, cycling, qigong, Tai Chi and special sports equipment (such as tightrs, automatic running tables, etc.), as well as daylight baths, air baths, water baths, etc. are often used for treatment.It should vary from person to person, persistent, step by step, and through drug or surgery and psychological counseling.
Divided according to international standards, exercise can be divided into Olympic projects and non -Olympic projects.A total of 42 competitions (if competitive gymnastics, art gymnastics, trampoline, Go, and chess are listed in 45 items).
Olympic project (28 items in total): swimming, archery, track and field, badminton, boxing, basketball, kayak, bicycle, equestrian, fencing, football, gymnastics (competitive gymnastics, art gymnastics, trampoline), handball, juvenile, modern, modern, modern, modern, modern, modern, modern, modern, modern, modern, modern, modern, modern, modern, modernFive items, rowing, sailing, shooting, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, skins, volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling.
Non -Olympic items (12 items in total): baseball, softball, bowling, billiards, crickets, sports dances, squash, martial arts, chess (Go, chess), rattan balls, rug skating, karate, road, karate,Cabadi, Golf, Dragon Boat.
Some of these projects have no split items, and the most split items are water projects, including swimming, pattern swimming, water ball and diving.Although there are no points in track and field, there are 46 small items, including 24 men’s items, 22 women’s items, yesOlympic projectThe most gold medals.Followed by swimming, although there are no points, there are 32 small items and 16 men and women.
Today, I will introduce here. I hope that after the outbreak, everyone can have the opportunity to taste the happiness brought by the colorful sports.

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