How to easily find your own fashion style?

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In reality, we often underestimate the power of fashion, and it is easier to blame it on the flashy or frivolous.But in fact, discovering and defining your own fashion is the best way to show yourself.

As Prada said: “Your dress is your image to the world. This image is particularly important today, because modern people have almost no time to communicate in depth. Fashion is the most concise and powerful language.”Yes,We will never have a second chance to leave the first impression on others.

The trend is easy to pass, and the style is forever.If there is any time to become beautifulLaw, that must find your own style.
The style is to know yourself and know what kind of person wants to be.Fashion can cost money, but the formation of style can only be explored by itself.This issue tells you to discover the style of style, making it easier for you to find a style that suits you.

Fashion is a creative expression
It is a self -evident voice
It is also the most effective communication tool

What is personal style?

letKokitoexplain: “Style is a way to state complex things in a simple way.”For people,The style is the internal character and external factors, including the common collaboration of clothing words and deeds, which reflect the comprehensive characteristics.

If “fashion” is a specific space -time culture,leadingThe trend expression of the trend means the fleeting aesthetic direction;Then “style” reflects the lasting charm that wearing can truly reflects their own clothing.

Therefore, a large part of the personal style is to learn how to cultivate true self -awareness and echo this feeling with the choice of clothing.

Our inner personality directly or indirectly determines the choice and establishment of the external style.Fashion style is usChoose clothing and accessories as a medium to express the way of self.

Style choice

Anyone who really wants to understand the concept of style, what he wants is not only the fleeting trend, but the professional thinking of fashion people.This is far longer than simply obsessed with certain brands.

After all, the style of dressing can reflect a person’s inner characteristics in the most intuitive way, and it will accompany us in our lives.

George Armani once said: “The trend of fashion is always cyclical. It starts from the original originality, and it will eventually return to the original pureness no matter where the imagination is brought to.”

The style is eternal.Fashionable people do not necessarily follow the trend at any time, but they are always loyal to their aesthetics.Personal style is about developing self -awareness, not simply absorbing trends.

Cultivation style is a process of gradual steps, but we can use some skills and strategies to find more clothing information that suits them, so as to gradually clarify our fashion expression.

1. Comfortable and confident is the background of style

Every quarter, fashion media and fashion bloggers spare no effort to tell you what styles are upright.But fashion does not mean good -looking.

The trendy trend of these smallpoxs is just a marketing tactic in the fashion industry.The fact is that the incident of beauty is always from the inside out.Only when you feel comfortable and comfortable can you really return yourself. This is the prerequisite for finding the style.

Just like Sofia Roland said:“Nothing can make a woman beautiful, unless she believes that she is beautiful.”Self -confidence can turn decay into magic and make defects into characteristics.

When you are convinced of your charm, from the body language to the elegant and calm, the unique style of confident confidence is attractive.

Beauty is not the same, but unique style.formThe important foundation of the style isCreate self -confidence from the inside out.You can find your own style when you understand yourself at the same time.

2. Examine the wardrobe and pay attention to the common characteristics

Examine the existingWardrobeFind the costumes that are the highest frequencies and make you feel good.Choose these items, think about why they like them, and pay attention to finding things in common.

Carefully looking at our wardrobe not only makes us know more about all kinds of clothing items, but more importantly,Help us pay attention to the common things in these clothing -such as similar colors, pattern styles, and tailoring methods.

These clothes that make us feel good are the most comfortable things in the subconscious and the foundation of the style. They can reveal our inner preferences and the most important things in wearing.

Don’t worry, even if these styles seem to be bland, you can also wear a feeling of re -selection and matching to represent your fashion attitude.

3. Pay attention to inspiration and find style wishes

In social media or real life, clothing that attracts our attention often implies our inner desire for ourselves.Therefore, collecting inspiration is an important part of determining personal style.

Fashion is everywhere, we can find various clothing skills and inspiration through magazines and social media.Create a folder to save those clothes that make you unforgettable.

After a period of time, examine the pictures of the wearing you like–Pay attention to similar color patterns or styles, these inspiration fragments help us to clearly express the expression that suits ourselves.

After it is clear, collect more pictures of the same type of style. When you see the combination worth learning from, there is a mobile phone in inspiration album.

4. ReferenceExample, start with imitation

Salvador Dali once said, “Those who are unwilling to imitate can create anything.

The most simple imitation is the best shortcut to find style.In fact, many of us familiar with the fashion icon, which were initially found on the basis of imitation, gradually found our own style.

The key to imitation is to choose a fashion blogger with similar temperament and style, and refer to the way they make you most moved.

Petite girl, you can refer to less than 160cm tall Sarah Mikala, Emma Robert; If you want to not trace French fashion, you can refer to Alexa Chung.

Love retro style, K, KArolina Maras It is a good template; I like fashion in classics, olivia Palermo Can always surprise you.If you want to be mature and elegant, refer to the at least wrong with the latitude after La Lai, Spain.

Even if it is plump and slightly fat, there are 200 pounds of fashion bloggers Nicolette mass Give you confidence.

5. Try to try and find classic elements

No matter how powerful people, before forming their own style, they will experience the trial and error stage of searching for.Therefore, do not set limits for yourself, but try to try different types of clothing as much as possible to explore those single products that make you vividly.

The so -called “classic items” that are most suitable for you can refer to the following standards: it can enlarge the advantages of the figure, cover up the defects of the figure, and the element that can make you stand out.

For example, to modify the bubble sleeves of the shoulder lines and the high waist pants of the leg curve; highlight the shoulder pads and wide -leg pants of the aura field, or to enlarge the sweet lotus leaf shirt and floral skirt.

becauseThe key to beautiful is not to follow the latest fashion trend, but to be loyal to your own characteristics.

Only by finding the texture and style that suits you can you slowly lay your own style.

6. MingIndeed, create a capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe is also known as “minimalist wardrobe”,It means a wardrobe that is concentrated like a capsule.

Capsules include a series of high -quality, forever, and outdated basic costumes.Such as white shirts, small black skirts, trench coats and denim.These styles can be mixed with each other or randomly, or they can be superimposed with the season.

The most important thing for capsule wardrobe is the “28 Law”,80%Clothing is a basic model that is suitable for you. Try to choose versatile neutral color as much as possible.

In addition, 20%of the clothing includes the colorful clothing style, the trendy clothing style, and the seasonal accessories full of surprises. With the seasonal mood, you can carefully choose two to three colorful colors.

A must -have clothing for capsule wardrobe must be the most suitable style in the basic items.These items may be simple, but they are the foundation for laid style.Not only can you wear it frequently, it is also more convenient to match other items to easily create a variety of changes.

7. Sign up and add unique accessories

Kristin Dior once said:The key to making people decent is not how much money you spent, but whether there is a choice of vision.

Once you find the basic clothing that suits you best, you can add unique accessories to show your style and personality.From the popular color mixed pattern texture, you find which ones can light up the most.

For example, fashion blogger Jenny Walton has two major iconic accessories: exaggerated earrings and color scarves.In order to highlight the earrings, she often combed her hair and made the bright earrings the focus of modeling.

Many of the literary retro style, many of them are suitable for matching scarves, creating a gorgeous and romantic feeling. Many seemingly plain clothes are often impressive because of such embellishment.

You can also try to find your own unique accessories.It can be a pattern such as wave dot or bow, or accessories such as belts, cards or earrings.In short, these finishing touchs are enough to make any of your styles different.

8. Keep elasticity and update the clothing regularly

The style does not stick to a certain aesthetic definition, but to explore what kind of clothing makes us feel the best.Learn how to dress for yourself, not the trendy outfit informed by the fashion industry.

Embracing personal style is a better understanding of our own tools, which allows us to go beyond the trend of changing and always maintain self -characteristics.

Personal style is not static, but a journey that constantly discovers itself.With different stages of life and lifestyle, our taste and preferences will also change.

Every time, remember to re -evaluate personal style.Examine the existing clothes to see if they need to be eliminated or added to make them more in line with our current living conditions and expression.

Although the self -style may continue to evolve, we can still find some core elements to understand that updating our style and aesthetics is deeply considerate, not the result of brain heating.

Finding style is a long -term personal journey and requires us to build a deep contact with clothing.

In the trendSneaky modern society,Investment time to explore personal style is far more valuable than the purpose of investment and buying.

Focus on style rather than trend, allowing us to find clothing that really suits us, so as to get rid of the endless flow of Sui Bo and over -consumption.

And when we really understand which clothing can make us feel good,It will also help us realize our own expression in a more intentional and more suitable way, and face life more easily and confidently.

Real fashion is a high -level trend,The essence is not only the decoration that changes over time,It also represents a spiritual state that is pursuing.

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