In 2021, the top five "popular wear", especially the first set, many people wear it

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Both the takeaway platform, social platform, listening website, or even payment APP have launched annual reports. Let’s make a hypothesis. If there is an annual report for wearing, what will it be like?

Today is to make a collection of 2021 popular wearing. For the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, see what everyone wears this year, just watch it together ~

★ Popular wear in spring

In the warm and cold spring, it is necessary to take into account the temperature difference between day and night. Although it needs to be matched with temperature, it does not need to be embarrassed and heavy as winter.

The sweater+short -lasting exposed legs are in line with the vitality of spring, and it is also suitable for spring temperature. It is more friendly indoors and outdoor.

“Sweater+short -dressed common misunderstandings”

*Selection of sweater style often go wrong

① The position of the shoulder line is too embarrassing ×

The sweaters are generally designed with the shoulder, but if the position of the shoulder line is not high or low, it is easy to look width. If it is a designer of the shoulder design, I suggest that you choose the style of the lower shoulder.It’s not so model.

② The neckline is too tight design ×

Looking at the sweater from the fabric and version, it is a relatively “big” design.takeBeThe upper body looks crowded and the neck is short. It is still recommended that you choose to broaden the neckline to modify the body better.

③ The pattern is too naive ×

The sweater is indeed a large product with a large age span, but Xiaobian does not recommend that you choose the style of naive printing. With bright colors, it will look very cheap. If you like printed models, you can use letters to replace them.

*Error matching example: Use neutralized mid pants with an oversize sweater

Although it is a sweater+short match, Oversize’s sweater with basketball pants is too casual, too fake kid, it is difficult to have a sense of fashion.

*Correct matching demonstration

① Use feminine A -line skirts with sweater

Obviously, the A -line short skirt+sweater is more fashionable than the shorts. The sweet atmosphere of the short skirt and the neutral leisure of the sweater are just right.

★ Popularity in summer

Because of the hot weather in summer, everyone is pursuing a sense of coolness. In summer, it is the season of short, T -shirts and watermelons.

In summer, people start to dress more cool. In 2021, denim shorts are completely suppressed by ride pants. It can be said that the summer of 2021 is the summer of riding pants.

*Hot matching of cycling pants+T -shirt

① Key points: color Oversizet shirt

In the warm summer, of course, you need to wear some color. Summer is also a hot season for color T -shirts. It is also because ride pants have simple and versatile black, and color will not cause color matchmaking.

② Important: tie a knot is even higher

Many fashion bloggers do not like Oversize’s T -shirts. They are afraid that it has covered the length of riding pants and it is difficult to highlight the special of this tight shorts, so it is a good way to tie the tie of the shirt.Woolen cloth.

★ Autumn Popular Wearing

The temperature in autumn is almost the same as spring, but because it changes from the hot summer to autumn, it will pursue a certain temperature. Starting from autumn, all kinds of thin small jackets have become popular items.

I used to mention that the first thing I thought of was a denim jacket, but the best autumn jacket in 2021 must be the “small incense wind jacket”. Net red stars are scrambling to bring goods.Under the trend of neutral wind, jeans have become the true life of Xiaosai Wind.

*Common errors for small incense wind jackets+jeans wear

① The wrong choice of jeans

Tight -fitting jeans have high requirements for legs and low fashion. Wide -leg pants with too loose legs have short risks, so these two styles are not the correct choice.

>> Correct jeans version: straight version type+pants tube width appropriate

The straight -type jeans can correct the O -type legs or X -shaped legs, so that the legs look more straight. Select the pants that can hide your thighs and flesh on the width.

② No emphasis on waistline

The rough flowers are originally swollen fabrics. If you do not emphasize the waistline, you will be short and fat, and you need to slim your body inside.

★ Frequent wearing in winter

If you wear the grace and temperature in winter, you will win. Winter is the season of “big jacket”. The down jackets and coats on the street, I believe you must also have one of them.

The down jacket gives the impression that people’s inflated. According to the long -term observation of the editor this winter, everyone still likes to use the tight small black pants to match the down jacket.Essence

*The choice of down jacket is the focus

QuiltingIf you design, you cannot choose too dense styles

The down jacket in winter is very old. The reason is becauseQuiltingThe distance between the design is too compact and looks very old.

② Do not choose reflective fabrics, very cheap

There are also friends who like metallic colors or black patent leather. I advise everyone to press it at the bottom of the box!Reflective fabric makes the down jacket look veryAuntEssence

*Correct matching example

If you want down jackets+small black pants to wear a sense of fashion in winter, you can choose the Knight boots with a wide tube for matching on the premise of choosing the right down jacket, which can make this simple dress more fashionable.

The coat is loved by tall men. Compared with down jackets, the fashion sense of the coat is indeed better. The laziness of tall beauty’s coats+wide -leg pants has also become a beautiful scenery on the winter street.

*Common misunderstandings of coats+wide -legs

① The wide -leg pants are too short

It is really tall or thin when exposing the ankle!arriveThe width -leg pants with the length of the instep are more extended and more legs.

② Refusable shoulder design

Don’t choose an exaggerated shoulder pad design, because she willletThe shoulders look wide, and there is no kind of laziness of a coat jacket.

③ Turpily complex inside

In order to pursue a sense of hierarchy, many people constantly make the superposition of single products, which will make the upper body look crowded and cumbersome. The simple inside can bring the texture of the coat+wide -leg pants.

★ Recommended matching example

Recommend a universal coat with template, coat+solid color round neck base+denim mopped pants+thick bottom casual sports shoes, the items are matched according to these, the selection skills are made according to the above to keep it fashionable.

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