Jingmen: Nutrition science lectures on the Lecture Hall of Science in the Logoshi Elementary School

  On the afternoon of March 22, the Dao Dao Stone Primary School in the Dao Dao District launched a scientific seed cultivation and science popularization activities.The event was hosted by Jingmen Science and Technology Association, Jingmen Science and Technology Bureau, and hosted by the Science and Technology Association of the Dao Dao District, and the Education Bureau of the Dao Dao District.Peng Junhua, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Jingmen Science and Technology Bureau, Chang Hong, the head of the Innovation Development and Policy and Regulations of Jingmen Science and Technology Bureau, Li Ruihua, chairman of the Dao Dao District Science and Technology Association, and the head of the Science and Technology Bureau of the Dao Dao District attended the event.



  At the event, Deputy Director Ding Mei of the Nutrition Department of Jingmen City People’s Hospital brought everyone a wonderful lecture on “Knowing the” Food “is Power”.Director Ding set up a rich and interesting answer question with the theme of daily diet. The children were enthusiastic, applauded, raised their hands enthusiastically, frequently participated in the interaction, and pushed the lecture to a climax.In high -frequency interaction, the children not only gained rich knowledge, but also mastered a healthy diet, benefited a lot, and they were happy.


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