Nancai Exhibition 丨 Buy explosive tide cards!Complexcon is grandly held in Hong Kong, and superstars gathered to call CALL for Hong Kong trendy culture

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Southern Finance All Media Reporter He Liuying Hong Kong Report

Tide Play, Music, Fashion … March 22-24, COMPLEXCON2024 is grandly held at the Hong Kong Asia Expo.Essence

Complexcon is one of the largest trendy carnival in the United States. This event is the first time for Complexcom to be held outside the United States and is located in Hong Kong.At the event site, Hu Chen Dezi, CEO of Complex Chinese, said in an interview with a reporter from Southern Finance and Economics, “Hong Kong is a city with prominent trendy cultural elements.There are also many trendy cultural fans in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, so they are located in Hong Kong. “She revealed to reporters that after this event, Complex will continue to launch related activities in the Greater Bay Area City.

Yang Runxiong, director of the Hong Kong Cultural and Sports and Tourism Administration, said on a social platform that this event was supported by large -scale art and cultural activity funds. The brand is already a trend indicator. This time, Hong Kong was held in the first place outside the United States.EssenceIt is reported that this event was funded by 15 million yuan from the Cultural and Art Fund of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

During the event, a reporter from Southern Finance and Economics explored the museum.Through the live broadcast, the popular buying scene, psychedelic electronic music, and artists’ immersive on -site creation all appeared. This event attracted nearly 340,000 people to watch the live broadcast.


As soon as the reporter entered the event scene, he saw a small circle surrounded by fans. It was Verdy, the founder of this event, Wasted Youth and Girls Do n’t Cry, a well -known trend brand.Last year, he served as the artistic director of the World Tour Concert of Blackpink, a Korean Great Women’s Group, and was quite circle.Verdy from Japan does not understand Chinese and English, but it is still difficult to stop the enthusiasm of fans and send them on -site signatures.

Line, queue, and queue.In front of many stalls, reporters can see long teams.The “tide people” have clear goals, snapped up when they enter, and look forward to bringing rare tide products home.This event has brought a number of tide brands around the world, including Clot, 4A X 8Five2, A.Society X Offgod, etc.In the food area, the reporter saw that visitors from all over the world were carrying several bags in their hands, and they returned at a full load.

The reason why enthusiasm is so high is that many tide brands bring precious limited items to this event.”This is the jacket worn by Kobe in the locker room; this is the jacket designed for him when Michael Jordan won the championship in 1998; this is two pieces tailored for Travis ScottOne of the jackets; this jacket is made for Muhammad Ali (American “Boxing”). I only made two pieces of this style, with his signature on it. “American legendary fashion designer Jeff Hamilton went to Nancai to NancaiThe reporter introduced one by one.

Jeff Hamilton also revealed, “I really want people to understand what we are doing. We are planning to expand the market. This year we will open branches in China.”

As one of the main sponsors of this event, Hong Kong McDonald’s cooperates with Verdy at this event to bring a series of limited brands and special -style food to Complexcon Hong Kong.The reporter observed that a limited -edition skateboard is particularly popular and has become another fashion item in the hands of many “tide people”.

The evening concert session is even more of the superstar. The American Hip -hop superstar 21 SAVAGE, AOMG’s popular hip -hop singers and the triangles composed of Chen Guanxi, MC Ren and the kitchen babies have all appeared, bringing many games to the audience at the scene.A feast of vision and hearing.

Through this event, a number of tide brands have felt that the trendy cultural atmosphere of Hong Kong and the Mainland is becoming increasingly strong.”The market potential of Chinese trendy cultural products is very large. In addition to pure art products, we also see some more cute and interesting products. These products have both cultural elements, and the elements of trendy fashion and art.Cultural products are very enthusiastic, and we look forward to the future development of the market. “Artox Group co -founder Huang Weijie told Nancai reporter.

A lot of events

After the opening ceremony, focusing on the topic of “how cities shape the global contemporary culture”, Huo Qigang, a member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and chairman of the Hong Kong Art Development Bureau, as the host, and Wu Peizheng, founder and CEO of Casetify, and Liu Jianwen, a famous Hong Kong artist Liu Jianwen.

Huo Qigang said that Hong Kong is very special. It has the foundation of Chinese culture and is also immersed in different cultures.For example, Chinese and English mixed language characteristics, British buildings and Chinese buildings coexist in landscapes, and so on.”At the same time, Hong Kong also gave birth to many pioneers of the trendy culture, such as two. COMPLEXCON came to Hong Kong this time, which is also a confirmation of Hong Kong’s trendy culture.”

The reporter learned that Casetify is headquartered in Hong Kong. It is a fashion life brand focusing on mobile phone cases and other electronic accessories. The brand feature is a unique design that can convert everyone’s favorite photos into mobile phone cases.

Liu Jianwen, known as “the godfather of Hong Kong Tide”, has multiple identities such as illustrators, designers, independent creators, and contemporary artists.In the conversation, he said, “The rise of the” national tide “symbolizes the culture of a place. In fact, each place has its own trend, but it takes time to give birth.”

The successful hosting of Complexcon2024 launched a gift for Hong Kong to build a grand event economy this year.In early 2024, Hong Kong announced the launch of a series of measures to promote the economic development of Hong Kong’s event. In the first half of this year, there will be more than 80 different themes and types of events. Combining the opportunity of industrial development, it will create brands of business and tourism destinations.

The trend cultural feast was supported by the Cultural and Art Fund of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. In addition to COMPLEXCON Hong Kong 2024, “Chubby Hearts Hong Kong” art installation project, “Xia Yong’s Centennial Birthday Commemorative Exhibition” and other activitiesAll funding.

Yang Runxiong said that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has previously announced the event that was not until June. As for the second half of the year, it is hoped that it can be announced in the end of March or early April.Commercial large -scale exhibition or meeting.The “Following Nancai Reporter Shopping the Global Exhibition” series launched by Southern Finance and Economics will also launch a live broadcast of the exploration museum.

(Yuan Sijie, a reporter from Southern Finance and Economics, also contributed to this article)

Video shooting: Zhu Jinghui

Video production: Zhang Qiliang, Hou Zirou

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