National indoor track and field grand prize Nanjing ending

On March 17, the two -day 2024 National indoor track and field prize (fourth stop) ended in Nanjing. The good results were frequent, and many athletes created the best results in the season.Shi Yuhao ran out of the men’s best in the men’s 60m final to win the gold medal. The result is temporarily ranked second in Asia this season.

As a national -level II competition recognized by the China Athletics Association, there are four races of the National Indoor Track and Field Grand Prix in 2024. The first three stations were held in Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Shandong. Nanjing Station was the final battle.The athletes register for the competition, and the competition venue is the first indoor track and field hall in China to host the conditions of the World Track and Field Championships. It is also the main venue of the World Field Field Championship in 2025.

On the 16th, the men’s 60 -meter preliminaries, Shi Yuhao arranged in the third group of the 17th group. He showed a good state and ran out of the best score of 63.63.In the finals, Shi Yuhao’s performance went further, and he took the lead in the score of 6 seconds 52.After the game, Shi Yuhao was very excited. “In fact, the focus of the winter training just ended was not 60 meters. This result was an unexpected joy. It excited me than 10 seconds 18 in the whole Championships last year. This year is the Olympic year.The interior breakthrough makes me happy, but it is more that I look forward to the results of the long -jump project. “

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