Original 18 sets, 3 ideas, use simple matching to get fashion temperament, it is recommended to collect

The second is colorful bag.In order to stabilize most girls, many items in the wardrobe are non -color matching. If there are many bottom models in your wardrobe, then you advocate choosing some colorful and six -color bags.Suddenly the summary deployment suddenly became more fashionable.

Therefore, the trend of personality can also be easy to get, and only one bag can be done.

TIPS2: Proposal to add a small style

There are two ultimate directions of dressing and tone that can create a sense of fashion. The first is the personalized deployment we often call, and the other is the ultimate refined style.

Of course, these two styles need to have a certain figure to drive, and they will make mistakes in accidentally, but here is the wearing skills that are more suitable for ordinary girls.

The collision in the selection style is a fashionable shortcut, which means that there can be more than two styles in the deployment. Because a single style will make people pay more attention to the body and temperament, and see if the body and temperament are consistent with the style.

However, the mix and match style is different. The planning of sneakers with a floral dress can make the whole look look casual and romantic, so whether your style is leisure or romantic, generally there will be no error.

So if you do n’t want to find the popular fashion of the fire, then in fact, you can get a small style of the GET. If you add a small style, you can have a variety of choice space to get rid of the difficulty of deployment.

However, this mixing style does not advocate that novice Xiaobai goes to blind test complexity, so selecting items to advocate essence is mainly based on, so that the deployment is more likely.

TIPS3: It advocates adding a small “cloth strip”

If you have carefully observed some items, you can find that you often present strip -like decorations, such as the buckle on the cuffs, as well as the strap planning on the Mary Zhen shoes on the canvas shoes.

These are a reflection of refinement, which can make the deployment look more stylish.For example, as long as you add properly careful machine at the neckline, you can have the trend of the quarter.

So if you think the single product is too monotonous, you can also test this idea.

Some items come with the “small cloth strip”, but the positions they are in different are different.Generally speaking, the collar and cuffs are blended with small cloth strips.

But if the test is added to the shoes, it will look more elegant.

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