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There are also some half -sleeve styles, which are compared with ice sleeves or gloves, which increases the sense of layering;

【Leisure Design】

The hooded design usually appears in the styles of the sports shirt.While providing a comfortable sweater, there are also some designs of the shoulder, giving a more casual feeling, a casual and lazy temperament;

The emergence of the hooded design brings youthful and energetic fashion;

【Round -neck sweater】

On the loose sweater, the style of the round neck will be removed from the collar, paying more attention to the design of the clothing itself and the vitality of some patterns;

There are also some shoulder insert design, short skirts, etc. to give you a more fashionable style;

【Weaving texture】

And these knitted clothes are also casual and simple styles;

Although the unique texture of knitted clothing is not monotonous in nature, these textures cannot meet the needs.In order to make the design of the leather coat more complete, you need to add some dentures, comparative patterns, etc.;

· Some casual combinations

[Hip set]

With a sweater, we can choose how to match a suit.The overall color and fabric make the temperament easier, and the sweater style is more casual and casual daily temperament;

The accessories of the pattern, the shape of the rope belt make the suit look more fashionable;

【Leisure top+skirt】

In these casual wear combinations, sisters who like skirts can definitely choose a skirt that suits them;

The exquisiteness of the upper body and the elegant and exquisite brought by the skirt creates a kind of confused visual effect;

【Casual clothes+pants】

Most of these casual clothes are paired with some pants.The capable pants and leisure upper body also make the daily temperament neat;

2. Exaggeration and design

[Exaggerated sleeves and shoelaces]

These clothing styles, such as skirts and tops, have some exaggerated sleeves. The exaggerated shape adds a lot of fold elements to the sleeves.These fold elements bring them some three -dimensional sense; there are some tape elements.The combination adds some lightness, and it also brings exaggerated design highlights;

【Folding Elements】

The decoration of folds is also a category of exaggerated design.When decorating these folds, the three -dimensional texture makes the highlights more vivid;

The part of these fold elements can also be combined with different colors to increase the contrast effect;

【Lanjia Skirt】

The ruffled elements in the sleeves, hem, etc. bring a bit of fashion to the skirt;

The pleated edge design of the sleeve, the tough shape, and the emergence of some wrinkled three -dimensional elements have brought temperament to the skirt;

[Lochriper stacking]

The position of the hem of the skirt uses a multi -layer stitching ruffled side side, which brings a sense of layering.These multi -layered designs also emphasize the sense of volume by paying more attention to the skirts;

With the emergence of folds, more fold elements are introduced, and the three -dimensional form adds trendy style;

【Asymmetric skirt】

The skirt shows an asymmetric appearance by adding stitching, contrasting color.The asymmetric aesthetic feels more and more highlighted;

There are also some asymmetric colors, patterns or fabrics, which also make the skirt more stylish;

When matching these asymmetric skirts, you usually choose some simple -style tops to make the temperament and style more impact;

[Irregular skirt]

And those irregular skirts.Irregular shapes of skirts are short and short, which seems not neat and orderly;

Many folding elements are combined with these irregularities, producing some three -dimensional vision;

【Bubble Sleeve Short Sleeve】

The fluffy shape of the sleeves of the bubble sleeves is a bit exaggerated.The exaggerated shape uses thin and light fabrics, adding a spacious sense of folds, and short sleeves make these bubble sleeves more fashionable.And more fluffy;

In addition to bubble sleeves, there are different designs such as lamb sleeves, lantern sleeves, and slit sleeves;

[Selected style sleeves]

These feature -shaped sleeves, such as the combination of the shoulder and the bubble sleeves, the combination of bubble sleeves and slim profiles, have a strong silhouette contrast; in these contrasts, the design sense of the sleeve position is further improved;

【O -shaped silhouette】

Although shorter styles dominate in the O -shaped shape, it also gives people a little spherical appearance, bringing more outlines to these solid -color pencil skirts;

The exaggerated O -type silhouette of clothes also uses some special fabrics, adding a bit of texture;

[A -character dress]

The style of the dress is mainly A -shaped.These flared skirts are still making some wrinkle elements in hanging fabrics, and monochrome clothing looks more spacious;

A -shaped clothes better cover the body curve, especially small belly, etc., which is also a good choice;

【A -character clothing】

A -shaped clothing also includes these jacket styles, which also have more silhouettes, exaggerated lines and more elasticity;

The exaggerated A -shaped A -shaped widen the width, reduced the height, and also reduced the height;

[Edge protruding display]

The position of the skirt can be combined with some distinctive shapes.The exaggerated skirt and daily simple upper body form more contrasts.These comparisons are more concentrated in the position of the skirt;

Of course, the skirt displayed here is just an example.There are other designs, some suitable for daily wear, such as tassel skirts, etc.;

【Folding three -dimensional shape】

Choose some hard texture.These fabrics can be folded into three -dimensional shapes with beautiful straight lines and more modern highlights;

In addition to folding, some folds, drawing, and old processing methods also add a lot of design;

【Exaggerated bow element】

Dress, coats, coats, etc. are combined with some elements of bow.The shape of these bows is large, and there are more space occupied;

This large -area bow decoration on the skirt can also be selected in daily life.For example, some chest decoration has a bow, which increases the decorative sense, and has some wrinkles and spacious feelings; the bow on the back matches the back of the back.Combined with other effects, some backs with bow decoration on the back have also been very popular in recent years. Many stars have chosen this style;

【Plush edge】

These light -colored tulle, smooth satin fabrics and other materials, the edges of the cuffs, hems and other edges are decorated with plush fur, tassel and other materials, which brings the contrast of material texture, and also gives the edges a little more texture;

3. Matching method

[Layout Clothing] White T -shirts, sweaters and other styles are free and simple. The outer layer is made of tulle, which visually gives a sense of blurred transparency and layering;

You can also choose different matching styles such as sunscreen, underwear, and jacket to add more levels to the dressing;

【Suit with waist cover】

Combining short tops and skirts into suits of the same color and fabrics, simple and neat, and more elegant temperament;

Wearing a short and medium top will increase the waistline, expose small waist, and more fashionable and cute;

【Piece with shorts set】

Why can’t we miss shorts?

Here we feel the simple and casual temperament of shorts through the matching of shorts.In these shorts -style clothing, the loose straight pants style increases comfort;

When wearing a suit, there should be some contrasting effects to create a eye -catching highlight, so that wearing is not monotonous;

[Stand -tie casual pants]

These casual pants can choose the same color system to reduce the difficulty of matching; there are also some versatile colors and styles are also very fashionable; if you want to stand out, you still need to wear comparison colors;

Pants can be displayed as work pants.These workers’ pants are added with some tooling elements in design, adding temperament to wearing;

There are also exaggerated designs, which can be collar, cuffs, waist, skirts, pants legs, etc.;

We start from casual T -shirts, sweatshirts and other comfortable clothing, to designer clothing such as bubble sleeves, A -shaped silhouettes, lotus leaf edges and hems.The temperament of these brand -name clothes is a bit like publicity;

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