"Out of Dashan Faced with the Sea", the 24th blueprint of the marine public welfare research activity in Shenzhen

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Shenzhen News Network, March 25, 2024(Reporter Zhang Junda) On March 25th, the 24th blueprint of the blueprint of the blueprint marine public welfare research activities hosted by the Blueprint Public Welfare Foundation was held at Fubon International Hotel in Shenzhen.In this issue, public welfare activities organized 27 teachers and students from Zunyi Renhuai City, Guizhou to come to Shenzhen together to embark on a sea -research journey from a pioneering perspective.This event has received strong support from institutions such as Renhuai Tongkun Laojiu Liquor Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kuku Shang Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Foresee Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Guests attending the opening ceremony include Wang Yue, chairman of the Blueprint Public Welfare Foundation, former director of the Ministry of Commerce Exchange Center, Guo Xiaolin, President of Laojiu Cooperative, Cao Jinfang, Chairman of the Blueprint Public Welfare Foundation, Chairman of Hunan Jingneng Technology Group, Shenzhen CardYang Ping, chairman of Kuishang Technology Co., Ltd., and Cao Guiju, vice president of Renhuai City No. 1 Middle School in Guizhou Province.

On behalf of the Blueprint Public Welfare Foundation, Wang Yue expressed his welcome to the teachers and students of Renhuai, and conveyed the greetings of Minister Long Yongtu to everyone.Chairman Wang Yue introduced the original intention of the founding of the foundation and the achievements made since the establishment of five years, and expressed ardent expectations for the successful holding of this event.Then, Chairman Wang Yue thanked the main donor Laojiu Cooperative and supporting units of the main donation of the event.In the end, Chairman Wang Yue congratulated the students to gain something in this research activity, encouraged the students to share their insights with their relatives and friends, and regarded this activity as a driving force for future development.

Guo Xiaolin first took the number “24” as a clue. It pointed out that this event was the 24th blueprint of the blueprint marine public welfare research activity held by 24 students held in 2024, and emphasized that 24 also appeared in traditional Chinese culture. This time, it expressed this time.The event will be unforgettable.Secondly, Guo Xiaolin took his own struggle experience in Shenzhen as an example to emphasize the importance of learning. He pointed out the important educational significance of the marine public welfare research activity in Shenzhen, and encouraged students who participated in the event to actively participate in various links.Learn to help your dreams in the future life.

Cao Jinfang set out from the slogan “The Sea in the eyes, the world is the world” from the blueprint marine public welfare research activity. It tells the relationship between the relationship between the ocean and the economy and the role of the ocean in developing the field of vision.And strengthen your ideals.Immediately afterwards, Cao Jinfang showed an important role in the performance and responsibility of helping personal development after leaving the campus and entering the workplace after leaving the campus and entering the workplace.

The teacher representative, Cao Guiju, vice president of Renhuai City First Middle School, first expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Blueprint Public Welfare Foundation and various support units.Subsequently, President Cao pointed out that this research activity was a valuable learning opportunity. He hoped that students would seize this opportunity, fully study, and gain.Then, President Cao expressed praise for the efforts of multi -party cooperation to promote fair education.In the end, President Cao said from the perspective of leading the team, stated that he would fully support the development of the event and strive to achieve a complete success.

On behalf of Renhuai City No. 1 Middle School, Yu Jingjing first expressed his sincere gratitude to the organizer’s blueprint public welfare foundation, supporting units and teachers in the organizer.Yu Jingjing quoted the frog at the bottom of the well described by “Zhuangzi”, telling that his longing for the sea not only wanted to see the marine landscape, but also yearn for this precious opportunity to improve himself and rich experience.In the end, she called on her classmates to embrace growth in this event.

At the end of the ceremony, Wang Yue, the chairman of the blueprint public welfare foundation, to the student representative Hu Jianxin, the student representative, Hu Jianxin, and the public welfare research activity was officially opened.

In the next public welfare research activities, the students will go to the beach to embrace the sea; participate in the theme dialogue of “My Motherland” to learn the heroic feelings of heroes;The significance of transportation construction in the development of the country; walk into Shenzhen Talent Park, and review many talents that contribute to the development of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone; visit Shenzhen University and experience the learning atmosphere and campus culture in higher education institutions; visit Baidu International Building, visit Baidu International Building,To understand the life of the “big factory” and immerse themselves to experience autonomous driving; the first test rowing movement, feel the unique charm of water sports; visit the mangrove wetland park, devote themselves to the net beach, and use the actual visible to trigger the in -depth thinking of the relationship between people and the seaEssenceDuring the public welfare research activity, children will record what they have seen, heard, and think daily, and recall the daily study of daily studies through diaries.

It is understood that the Blueprint Public Welfare Foundation was founded by Long Yongtu in April 2019 and is committed to engaging in the 4A -level Foundation of Marine Education, Quality Education and Promoting Education Fairness in young children.Since its establishment, the Foundation has organized teachers and students from Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, and Xinjiang to participate in the blueprint marine public welfare research activities in Qingdao, Xiamen, Shenzhen, and Boao.

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