People who often exercise and not exercise have such a big difference!

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What kind of feedback can I give the body frequently?What are the differences between people who exercise frequently compared with people who rarely exercise?Let’s talk about it today.

People who exercise frequently

Frequent exercise can enhance the strength and strength of the respiratory muscles, improve the concentration of the lungs, enhance the resistance of the lung function and the local resistance of the lungs.Seizure of disease.

People who exercise frequently may have a better cognitive ability

Many people feel that breathing is easier, the body is lighter, and the mood is improved after exercise. This is because the “endorphin” secreted by the brain cells after exercise will cause pleasure in the short term.

Studies have found that with age, regular exercise exercise can prevent the decline in cognitive ability, but for people with insufficient sleep, this protective effect may weaken.

Human bones, muscles, and joints who often exercise

Frequent exercise can improve the blood circulation of the bone, strengthen the metabolism of the bone, thicker the bone diameter, the thickened muscle, and the rules of bone arrangement.With the good changes in the structure of the bone morphology, the ability of bone resistance, bending, and compressive compression and other bone strength have improved significantly.

Secondly, frequent exercise can increase the thickness of joint cartilage and bone density, so that the muscles around the joints have developed muscles, enhancement of strength, joint capsule and ligament thickening, thereby reducing joint load and increasing the stability of the joints.

In addition, often exercise can promote blood circulation, make muscle cells more nutrients, make muscle cells thicker, increase muscle volume, and increase muscle strength.

Frequent exercise, the risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome is smaller

The secretion of insulin will cause increased glucose consumed in cell, resulting in a decrease in sugar levels, and can also inhibit the release of glucose into the blood of the liver.

Frequent exercise will reduce insulin secretion, while increasing pancreatic hypoglycemic secretion.People who exercise frequently will also be less risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

People who often exercise are thinner, more beautiful, and happier

Frequent exercise is not only conducive to weight loss, but also the strong of the whole body skeletal muscle system.The function of powerful muscles can stretch the body and stand upright, making people look more temperament and look better.

Frequent exercise stimulating endorphins secreted by the brain can cause good emotional and state reactions, help relieve anxiety and depression, promote mental health, and help the prognosis and rehabilitation of certain chronic diseases.

What should I pay attention to?

Exercise needs to be persisted. Everyone should find a exercise that suits them according to their interests and physical conditions, and persistence for a long time.In addition, insisting on regular exercise, you must also pay attention to the following points:

1. The combination of work and rest, and the amount of exercise step by step (Generally, the whole body has sweat and the heartbeat is accelerated, and the purpose of exercise is basically achieved);

2. Avoid physical exercise when the ideological high tension, emotional excitement, or exhaustion (such as staying up late);

3. Reasonable and balanced diet and nutrition, especially not to ignore eating vegetables and fruits, and consume more trace elements;

4. Ensure that sufficient sleep can make exercises play the best effect.

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