People are old, not in exercise, after 55 years old, please keep in mind 4 longevity standards

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With the continuous increase of the aging problems in my country, this incident has also become the focus of many people. From personal life and work, it has slowly changed to health and health. Many people hope that they can become healthy and longevity. This is not only a healthy and longevity. In the pursuit of ancient times, modern people also had a certain desire for longevity.

According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 60,000 centenarians in my country. Although there are a lot of numbers, it seems that it is not much at all on the large base of 1.4 billion people. Essence

According to relevant data statistics, my country’s per capita life span is about 77.4 years old, but the per capita health life is only 62.8 years. Self -care.

These issues will not be conducive to people’s health and longevity. So how do people do if people want to maintain longevity more effectively?Many people will do more exercise and drink plenty of water. So what are the two methods in control?

How old can we be called longevity?

No clear age can be regarded as the standard for longevity.

Longevity usually means that for peers, it has a long life span, and the specific age will be different due to the differences in individuals, culture, and social backgrounds.

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, people over the age of 60 can be considered the elderly, and people over 80 can be called elderly people. Some research and statistical data also show that people over 80 can be regarded as relativeLive people.

The old man wants to live for a long time. Is “more exercise and drinking more water” useful?

1. Is it really useful to drink plenty of water?

We all know that who belongs to the source of life in people’s body is also very important, accounting for about 70%.

This also means that any organizational activity and operation in the body requires water participation, and it also shows the importance of water. Although reasonable drinking water can promote health and effectively help people achieve longevity, if you drink too much water, if you drink too much water, you can drink too much water, and if you drink too much water, you can drink water too much.It may affect health.

Correctly and reasonable drinking water can accelerate metabolism, but if you drink excessive drinking water, it will easily increase the burden on the heart, which will easily increase edema and even increase the phenomenon of increased pressure in the eyes.

So whether drinking water can promote health, this statement requires more research and data to study, because the factors that affect life are many. Simple drinking water cannot help people achieve longevity, and everyone needs to be treated scientifically.

2. What about exercise?

Life is that exercise is also a word that everyone often puts on their mouths. Adhering to scientific exercise and exercise can effectively enhance immunity and resistance. Not only can it maintain a good image, it may also help extend life.

According to different research content, adherence to exercise and different categories can also bring different benefits to the body, but the benefits of exercise vary from person to person.

After all, everyone’s physical condition and physical fitness are different. How much to benefit through exercise or whether there are other accidents, they also need to analyze it.

If the overload exercise always exceeds the range that the body can withstand, this will easily increase the emergence of health risks, and it will even cause damage to the body.

After 55 years old, please keep in mind 4 longevity standards

1. Past sleep

In our daily life, many people have the habit of staying up late. It seems that everyone stays up late to stay up late, but every time I stay up late is a provocation of health.Perfunctory.

Staying up late is easy to accelerate the aging of the body, and it can easily affect the repair of various organs and tissues, and increase physical damage.

Therefore, for people, do n’t stay up late after 55 years old. We must maintain adequate sleep, which can more effectively enhance immunity and help repair the tissue and organs that are contaminated, so as to health and longevity.

2. Regular physical examination

With age, especially after 55 years of age, people’s physical functions have gradually declined, and various chronic diseases and basic diseases have also strikes.

At this time, it is particularly important to insist on physical examinations. Through the physical examination, it can be found that the body exists early, and take effective treatment measures in a timely manner to avoid small problems to become a big problem, so as to help people maintain health and longevity.

At the same time, we must also avoid taboos. Many elderly friends choose not to go to the physical examination because they are worried about checking what problems, or they are afraid of spending money., Eventually pay a higher price.

3. Code diet

Everyone has heard of the phrase “illness from the mouth”. In fact, many diseases may indeed be “eaten”.

特别是对于老年人而言,过了55岁以后一定要合理饮食,许多老年人特别害怕慢性疾病来临,很多人甚至为了疾病不来临,便会选择指吃素不吃肉,但是这种行为却会It is easy to reduce immunity, which is not conducive to personal health.

In terms of diet, it is recommended that you finally consume nutrients and do not eat specific foods, and do not eat or picky eaters. This will easily reduce nutrients. In the end

4. Good mentality

According to the relevant clinical research, it shows that the quality of emotions and the health of the body are closely related. When the body maintains a huge high -pressure state for a long time, this will easily lead to the problem of metabolic disorders in the body.Normal operation.

And clinical psychology believes that bad emotions will hinder emotional communication, bring chronic diseases to various tissues and organs of the body, and shorten life.

It also has a certain antibody to develop a good mentality against the pathogen produced by the body. A healthy and optimistic mentality can help health care and can also help longevity.

After 55 years of age, these three individual inspection projects must be done, don’t feel bad for money


Colon cancer is a common cancer. It often does not have obvious symptoms in the early days. It can help discover abnormal changes and tumors in the colon, and timely treatment to reduce the risk of disease.

2. Prostate specialty antigen detection

For men, prostate cancer is one of the common malignant tumors, and prostate special antigen detection can help screen for early signs of prostate cancer.

However, it should be noted that prostate specialty antigen detection is not a certain diagnosis tool for cancer, but a screening tool. If the detection value is abnormal, further examination and evaluation may be required.

3. Bone density check

With the increase of age, the risk of osteoporosis has also increased. Bone density examination can evaluate the strength and stability of the bones and help identify the risk of whether there are osteoporosis or osteoporosis.

If these 3 standards can pass, it means that you have the “potential” of longevity, check yourself

1. Heart rate

Heart rate is one of the important indicators that reflect the health of the heart. Generally speaking, people with low heart rate have relatively good heart health and easier to live long.

Normal adults’ static heart rate should be more than 60 times per minute. If it can be maintained in this range, it means that the heart health is relatively stable.

2. BMI

BMI within normal range can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Generally speaking, BMI is a normal range between 18.5-24.9. If it can be maintained in this range, it means that the physical condition is healthier.

3. The flexibility of the body

The flexibility of the body can affect the health of muscles, joints, ligaments and other tissues. If the body is flexible, it means that the health of these tissues is relatively stable.

If the body is poor, muscle stiffness and joint pain are prone to.

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