Recommended tourist attractions around Guangzhou (Recommended by the best place to play around Guangzhou)

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The best attractions around Guangzhou are: Guangzhou Tower, Stone Room Sacred Heart Cathedral, Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort, Guangzhou Million Sunflower Park theme Park, Chenjia Temple tourist area.

1. Guangzhou Tower

Guangzhou Tower is one of the iconic buildings in Guangzhou and the head of the eight scenic spots of Xinyangcheng.It is located in the CBD area of the Pearl River New Town and is the third highest television tower in the world. It has the world’s highest outdoor view.Here, you can overlook the beauty of the entire city and feel the modern atmosphere of Guangzhou.

2. Stone Room Holy Heart Cathedral

The Holy Heart Cathedral of Shishi is one of the famous scenic spots in Guangzhou and the Motherhouse of Paris in the Far East.It was built at the end of the 19th century and was a Gothic building with gorgeous spire and colorful glass windows.This church is the center of Guangzhou Catholic and an important heritage of Guangzhou’s historical and cultural.

3. Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort

Guangzhou Chimelong Tourism Resort is a large -scale tourist resort that integrates a variety of tourism facilities such as theme parks, zoo, water parks, and hotels. It is one of the 20 major theme parks in the world.There are many famous scenic spots, such as Happy World, Wildlife World, Water Paradise, etc., which allows you to enjoy the fun of fun.

4. Guangzhou Million Sunflower Theme Park

Guangzhou Million Sunflower Garden Theme Park is a garden scenic area with the theme of sunflower. It is known as the first sunflower garden in Lingnan.There are many varieties of sunflowers, as well as some special attractions, such as old streets, ancient theaters, and tower, which can make you feel the essence of Lingnan culture.

5. Chen Family Temple Tourist Area

The Chenjia Temple tourist area is a well -preserved ancient Lingnan ancient building complex.There are many exquisite buildings and cultural relics, such as the flower hall, Nanyuan, Dongyuan, Xiyuan, etc., which allows you to understand the charm of the traditional architectural art of Lingnan.

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Tourist attractions around Guangzhou

Guangzhou, as a metropolis in southern China, not only has rich cultural heritage. Litchi Bay, Pearl River New City, Guangzhou Pagoda, Yuexiu Park, and Shamian Island are worth visiting.

1. Litchi Bay

Litcheon Bay is a long -established scenic spot in Guangzhou. The old site is Lai Chi Bay. It is a long -established water village in Guangzhou.Not only has it beautiful scenery, but also many ancient architectural and cultural heritage.Visitors can walk here, watch, picnic and leisure, and feel the blending of ancient and modern.

2. Pearl River New City

Zhujiang New Town is the CBD area of Guangzhou. There are towering skyscrapers and many beautiful parks and landscapes.Tourists can feel the appearance of Guangzhou’s modern cities here, and they can also visit some famous buildings and attractions, such as Guangzhou Tower and Pearl River Night Tour.

3. Guangzhou Tower

Guangzhou Tower is a landmark building in Guangzhou, with a height of more than 600 meters and is the third highest TV tower in the world.Tourists can take the elevator to the top of the tower, overlooking the scenery of the city of Guangzhou.Here, you can feel the prosperity and vitality of Guangzhou’s international metropolis.

4. Yuexiu Park

Yuexiu Park is one of the largest parks in Guangzhou. There are beautiful landscape scenery and rich cultural heritage.Visitors can conduct hiking, camping and picnic activities here.

5. Shamian Island

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