Say goodbye to rigidity, wearing casual and stylish!Personalized single product matching guidelines make you full of tide!

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In the fast -paced modern life, people’s requirements for dressing are getting higher and higher.How to find a style that suits you in many clothing styles is both casual and stylish, which has become the focus of attention for many people.This article will analyze you in detail how to wear it can be casual and stylish, allowing you to easily master the secrets of fashion.

1. Understand your body characteristics

If you want to wear it casually and stylish, you must first understand your body characteristics.Everyone’s body has their own advantages and deficiencies. By understanding their own figure, they can better choose the costume style that suits them.

For example, people with tall figures can choose a loose long jacket to show their height advantages; while short people can choose short tops with high -waisted pants, lengthen the leg lines.

2. Choose a simple and generous style

Simple and generous style is the basis of casual and stylish.Too complicated clothing styles can easily cause aesthetic fatigue, and simple styles are more likely to highlight their personal temperament.

When choosing clothing, you can pay attention to the foundation and versatility of the style, such as T -shirts, jeans, shirts, etc. These items are not only easy to match, but also show the casual side.

Third, pay attention to color matching

Color matching plays a pivotal role in wearing.Appropriate color matching can not only enhance the fashion sense of the overall shape, but also highlight the personal taste.When choosing clothing color, you can match it according to your skin color, hair color and season.

At the same time, you can try to use some color matching techniques, such as warm and cold colors, similar color matching, etc., so that the overall shape is more harmonious and unified.

Fourth, hierarchical wear

The layered wear is the key to casual and stylish.Through the stacking between different items, it can create a rich sense of layering and make the overall shape more three -dimensional.

When choosing a single product for stacking, you can pay attention to the combination of the length, width and thickness between the items to avoid bloated or monotonous.At the same time, some accessories such as scarves and hats can be used to increase the layered sense of overall shape.

Fifth, the choice of shoes and accessories

Shoes and accessories also occupy an important position in casual and stylish.A pair of suitable shoes can not only enhance the sense of fashion of the overall shape, but also make your pace more confident.

When choosing shoes, you can choose according to your own style and occasions, such as sneakers, Martin boots, and casual shoes.In addition, suitable accessories such as watches, necklaces, earrings, etc. can also add color to the overall shape, making you more stylish.

6. Mastering wearing skills

In addition to the above points, mastering some wearing skills can also make your wear more casual and stylish.For example, you can try to optimize the figure proportion of the body’s figure by trying to use the tight or tight or tightly loosening rules; to enhance the sense of fashion by the way the corner of the jacket or the trousers;The overall shape is sexy.

Seven, constantly try and adjust

Wearing a process is a process of constantly trying and adjusting.Only by constantly trying different styles and items can we find the most suitable way of dressing.At the same time, we must also learn to listen to the suggestions and opinions of others, learn from useful experience and lessons, and continue to improve your level of dressing.

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