Science Movement Olympic Quality: The results of the innovation of Shuhua Sports and Science Movement appeared at the 2024 China Sports Expo

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On May 23-26, the 41st China International Sports Products Expo was held in the Western International Expo City, China.As the leading domestic scientific sports service provider, Shuhua Sports shows its cutting -edge scientific sports concepts and Olympic quality products, showing the results of scientific sports innovation in all aspects.

At the Sports Expo, the “Sports Health Promotion Center” created by Shuhua Sports and Chinese Sports Sciences Society, the new product release of the industry’s first sports prescription i5 treadmill, Olympic cultural display, and Shuhua fitness “1+1+1” new modelBecome a big highlight of the Sports Expo, attracting many old and new customers to stop watching and experience.It is worth mentioning that in the 2024 China Sports Expo Smart Fitness Equipment selection activities, Shuhua Sports Products also won the “Gold Award for Indoor Sports Health Facilities of the Elderly”, “Silver Award for Innovative Outdoor Fitness Equipment Products”, “Youth Sports”The theme Sports Park Program Best Plan “and other awards.

On the opening day of the exhibition, Ding Dong, Director of the Department of Mass Sports of the State General Administration of Sports, and the leaders of the Sports Bureau and Industry Association in various places, accompanied by Zhang Weijian, chairman and president of Shuhua Sports, visited the Shuhua Brand Experience Hall to the results of the innovation of the Shuhua science sportsThe quality of the product has been highly evaluated.In the afternoon of the same day, Shu Hua Sports was also invited to attend a symposium on the “15th Five -Year Plan” sports industry and provided suggestions for the development of the sports industry.

New upgrade of scientific movement

Unlock new gameplay

The Shuhua brand experience hall covers an area of 756 square meters. As soon as it entered the museum, the strong sports atmosphere came.In the booth, the carefully set sports health promotion center and the fitness service exhibition area brought a dual feast of visual and experience to visitors.

The display of the new plan of “Sports Health Promotion Center” has attracted much attention.The Center for Sports Health Promotion is to encourage everyone to take the initiative to pursue health, start paying attention to their physical conditions in advance, and actively prevent and treat diseases through exercise to make the body healthier and stronger.

This plan combines the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” National Health Plan, which is led by the Chinese Sports Science Society to integrate Shuhua’s products and technical services.High -end intelligent products and full -process fitness services provide users with personalized sports prescriptions and scientific guidance.The exhibitors can personally experience the entire process from testing, evaluation to exercise intervention, and feel the health benefits brought by the scientific movement.

“Your current real -time heart rate has not reached the best heart rate range, and you have adjusted the speed of exercise for you.” The newly released industry’s first sports prescription treadmill -i5 smart home treadmill AI voice frequency has attracted the attention of everyone present.force.This treadmill can not only conduct risk assessment and personal sports ability testing for runners, generate exclusive exercise prescriptions, but also automatically adjust the speed and slope according to the status of personal sports and real -time heart rate.Make exercise more scientific and effective.

It is worth noting that the i5 is also selected as the “2024 China Sports Expo New Product Trends Release and Display” event.Awarded “Innovation and Promoting Enterprise”.

In terms of products, Shu Hua always adheres to the concept of ergonomic design, and uses users -centered technological innovation to create high -quality scientific sports products.At this Expo, most products such as Shuhua 68 series, 88 series, all -line commercial aerobic products, physical functional products, and outdoor gym have been intelligently upgraded, which greatly improved the scientific movement experience.

Olympic quality

Help Chinese athletes fight for the Paris Olympic Games

32 -inch full HD touch screen, built -in APP to meet the needs of sports entertainment; full running table supports the shock absorption system, which can effectively reduce the anti -rush of the knee of the running table;The Chinese Olympic Committee’s official fitness equipment supplier, Shu Hua Sports brought a variety of high -end products that have entered the Beijing Winter Olympics and Hangzhou Asian Games in the V10 series of high -end commercial treadmills, fitness cars. Each detail shows the quality of the Olympic Games.It is loved by new and old customers.

As early as 2013, Shuhua started the Olympic cooperation journey, and reached a 8 -year cooperation with the Chinese Olympic Committee. Shuhua products have settled in the Olympic “China House”, the Tokyo Olympic Games Security Camp, and the Beijing Olympic Games, Hangzhou Asian GamesProvide professional fitness training equipment for Chinese sports delegations and global players!

At the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2023, the Fitness Center of Shu Huawei Asian Games not only provided training equipment, but also provided professional training services to athletes through Shuhua’s professional physical coach team.During the period, over 27,000 people received more than 45 countries and regions, and more than 300 thank you letters were harvested. Professional services were affirmed by the Asian Organizing Committee.

The majors and quality of Shuhua products and services have also won the favor of foreign companies around the exhibition at the exhibition.Shu Hua vigorously promoted the internationalization of the brand. Global business covered more than 70 countries and regions. In 2023, the independent brand’s overseas business increased by 65%year -on -year.It is worth mentioning that this year Shu Hua will settle in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games on behalf of the Chinese brand, providing training guarantee for the Chinese sports delegation, so that the world can see Chinese power, so stay tuned!

Service experience upgrade

Shuhua Fitness 1+1+1 new mode “out of the circle”

In addition to product display, Shuhua Sports also actively promotes the “Shuhua Fitness” service business.This business is based on the fitness platform of “hardware+software+curriculum content+professional fitness coach”, creating a new model of 1+1+1 fitness chain of “fitness equipment sales+scientific fitness service+corporate health management”Consumers provide comprehensive and personalized fitness services, and the exhibition site has attracted many customers to consult the details of China Merchants.

Many Shuhua fitness coaches at the scene also provided professional scientific fitness guidance for visitors, further conveying a healthy lifestyle, and incorporating simple sports into everyone’s life.

Shu Hua Sports has reappeared again, showing its leading position and innovation ability in the sports industry, and also reflects the rapid development of China’s sports industry and consumers’ pursuit of healthy life.In the future, Shu Hua will continue to adhere to the development concept of “product intelligence, sports entertainment and sports science”, continuously enhance the scientific and technological innovation strength and scientific sports experience, help Chinese sports athletes add color to the country, and let the world see Chinese power!

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