Shan Renping: 590,000 life is not just a number

In the process of anti -new crown pneumonia epidemic, the United States, which is the world’s largest economy, scientific research and industrial production capabilities, and claims to be a “democratic lighthouse”, its performance is shocking -as of May 27, John Hopkin, USA, USA, USAStatistics from Sri Lanka show that a total of more than 33 million cumulative cases of new crown pneumonia have been confirmed, and the cumulative death cases exceeded 590,000, ranking first in the world.The total population of the United States is less than 5%, but the number of confirmed cases is nearly 20%of the total number of worldwide, and death cases account for 16.9%of the world.The recent analysis report released by the University of Washington, the University of Washington, estimated that there were more than 900,000 cases of new crown death cases in the United States, far exceeding the official statistics.According to the director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, Fumic said on May 9 that 900,000 cases were slightly higher than the actual number of newly died in the United States he thought, but the United States has no doubt that the number of new crowns is underestimatedEssence

Although the United States is accelerating the new crown vaccination work, the epidemic situation is still worrying.In late February this year, the number of deaths of the US -New Crown Pneumonia exceeded 500,000, exceeding the total number of deaths in the World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War.American health experts and officials acknowledged that the United States was in the fourth wave of epidemic.The British “Guardian” reported on April 16 that the number of new diagnostic people in the United States increased by more than 10%.

The new cases of the United States are getting younger.In March of this year, the number of new crown pneumonians in New Jersey’s newly crown pneumonia in New Jersey increased by 31%, and people from 40 to 49 were soaring by 48%.Forbes website reported that about 1/5 of American interviewees said that relatives and relatives were killed in the epidemic.At the White House epidemic briefing at the White House epidemic briefing, the US Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Centers for Diseases was like “ending in the end, and she was” very scared. “

In the context of the epidemic, many ordinary people in the United States have lost their work and life distress, and the gap between the rich and the poor is widening.Studies at the University of Chicago showed that in March of this year, the rate of poverty was 11.7%, which was the highest point since the epidemic. Among them, the poverty rate of African -American poverty was about twice the overall poverty rate.USA FACTS website data shows that as of April 19, nearly 40%of the unemployed in the United States for more than 6 and a half months.The “feeding American” report shows that as of the end of 2020, 1/6 Americans and 1/4 American children were facing hunger threats, and the number increased by 50%year -on -year.

All sectors of the United States and the international community have criticized and reflected the weak resistance of the US government and the institutional problems behind it. The root cause of the reason why the United States has today is political division and political manifestation.Some politicians use the epidemic to seek their own personal selfishness, put politics on the science, put the interests of the party on the interests of the people, and create many chaos in multiple levels in the process of fighting the epidemic.Causes and damage caused by anti -epidemic cooperation.

Ignore science

For a long time after the epidemic, the White House has been diluted on the threat of the epidemic, and public health officials and experts have to find “disturbing balance” between the government that work hard and adapt to the changeable government honestly.According to the American epidemic timeline of the New York Times and the Washington Post, the US government leader Trump has repeatedly released false information to mislead the public, saying that the new crown pneumonia virus is a “large influenza”, which is infected with the virus.The risk and mortality rate is “very low”, and the epidemic will soon “miraculously disappear”, all of which are mutually commented with the epidemic prevention and control information released by the US public health institutions and medical experts.American journalist Michelle Goldberg wrote, “As the spread of the new crown virus has intensified, the government’s contempt for professional knowledge and the attitude of blind loyalty to technical ability is becoming a more direct health to the American people’s health.threaten”.The New York Times analyzed that “the prevention of epidemic prevention measures with medical experts and the huge contradiction between the short -term economic interests of the United States is an important reason why the US federal government chooses ‘blocked scientists’, even if this needs to be at the cost of public health.”

Research on the University of Cornells in the United States shows that Trump is the world’s largest false information guidance of epidemic information and is related to nearly 38%of false information.The Polifact website of the United States rated false information about the epidemic as the “annual lies” in 2020. It is pointed out that the US government deliberately dilutes threats, conceal cases, and spread false information in the origin of epidemic, hospitalization, vaccine supply, etc.

Politics first

Under the US federal system, the states responded to the epidemic situation, and the phenomenon of policies stepped on the feet and the phenomenon of fighting for materials frequently occurred, giving the virus a chance.Fook said that when the country has a significant division, the solution to the public health crisis becomes extremely tricky.When public health issues bring political colors, such as wearing a mask becomes a political symbol, it will cause huge damage to the response to public health incidents.He also said that not only did the last US government dilute the severity of the epidemic, but some states and cities also chose to ignore the importance of epidemic prevention measures for political purposes.At the difficult time of the U.S. epidemic, several governors and mayor still dismissed the anti -epidemic guidelines issued by scientists. 11 states led by Dexas announced that they began to “completely unblock” and lifted the “mask ban”.It is believed that the federal government’s epidemic prevention policy has no meaning.The Los Angeles Times commented that the current state of the United States is fighting, not to curb the epidemic with a unified national strategy.

The outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 coincides with the year of the United States election. Election politics has complicated the U.S. government’s epidemic.The Politico website reported that when the epidemic spread rapidly in Georgia, the Governor of the Republican Party of Zozhou and the Democratic Party mayor of the state of the state of the state of the state of the state of the state of the state of the state of the State’s State’s Asian City, the mayor of the Democratic Party of the city of Atlanta accused the other party of “playing with politics.”The dean of the School of Public Health of the University of Boston said that due to the differences in the party, the United States has been unable to rationally discuss the risk of epidemic.”American News today” commented that Trump condemned the high mortality of the Democratic Party’s ruling, but ignored the mortality of the Republican Party.Democrats condemned Trump to “transform tragedy into political weapons”, blame the tragedy of the death of the people on Trust Trump, but avoided the Democratic Party’s ruling state in power prevention.David Litt, a best -selling book writer in the United States, believes that “the U.S. government has not maintained public welfare in the crisis of the new crown pneumonia. This is a tragedy. But it is not surprising.From the division of constituency to lobbying groups that affect political decision -making, public interests have been repeatedly ignored.

Throwing the pot

Some politicians of the Trump administration have repeatedly claimed that “the epidemic outbreak should be blame China”, fabricated the hype of the hype of “laboratory leaks”, and even produced “Chinese virus” and “kung fu virus” to conduct stigma attacks.The United States Cable Television News Network and Germany’s “Spiegel” Weekly reported that such remarks were obviously misleading the people in the country and seeking to divert criticism of their poor resistance.Politico’s website exposed a memorandum of memo issued by the National Republican Senator National Committee to the campaign team last April. This memorandum suggested that the Republican senator candidates actively attacked China when responding to the U.S. epidemic problem.The New York Times disclosed that senior Trump government officials had pressed against the US intelligence department and demanded that the new crown virus is associated with the Wuhan Virus Research Institute.It is reported that the move may distort scientific research on the traceability of the virus and use the virus as a weapon against China.

In July 2020, the US government officially notified the United Nations Secretary -General that the United States will withdraw from the WHO.The United States with a critical juncture in the United States with a critical juncture in the world not only hurt its own efforts to respond to the epidemic, but also seriously damage the joint force of global unity resistance, and set more obstacles for the efforts of the global victory.Robert Mermaner, a member of the US Congress Senate Foreign Relations Committee, criticized that the withdrawal from the WHO “does not protect the life or interests of the American people, but the Americans are sick and the United States is isolated.”UN Foundation President Elizabeth Cusans said that WHO is the only institution that is capable of leading and coordinating the global response to epidemic.was in danger”.The withdrawal of the U.S. with the WHO also has a political shadow on the scientific issue of the epidemic traceability.The Associated Press reported that there were multiple factual errors in the letter of Tan Desai, the Director -General of the WHO of Trump to announce the “retreat” letter.He claimed that the Chinese government ignored the report on the medical session of “Liu Ye Dao” in December 2019 and even previously released a report on the virus, but this report did not exist.Analysts of the Russian think tank “Waldai International Debate Club” commented that the US government accused WHO only find “scapegoats” for domestic resistance.

After the announcement of returning to the WHO this year, the US government has publicized some countries to question the research report issued by the joint expert group of the Chinese-WHO’s new crown virus traceability research, launch the media to challenge the scientific ethics of traceable experts, and vividly call the Chinese government to help the world help the world.The Health Organization wrote related reports.”This is a dirty political game.” Russia’s Red Star Television commented that regardless of the conclusion of the WHO for the origin of the new crown virus, the United States will find a reason to blame China. “For them, it is important.China has begun to occupy an increasingly important position in the world. Therefore, it is necessary to first consider how to stop China’s development. “The Russian “Independence” quoted Maslov, the acting director of the Far East Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, saying that experts from the United States and other Western countries have participated in the investigation in Wuhan.Then it should be taken out. “The United States and some Western countries do not care that their residents are still used for their own political purposes because they continue to get sick and die because of the new crown epidemic.”


The epidemic has exacerbated American systemic racial discrimination.A data released by the US Public Media Research Lab at the beginning of the year shows that one of the 595 Aboriginal people and every 735 African Americans died of the new crown virus, while the white people had one death case every 1030 people.”The American Medical Association Magazine” shows that as of February this year, the epidemic caused 43,000 American children to lose at least one parent.The proportion of African -American children’s population accounts for 14%of the total children’s population, but as many as 20%of children who have lost at least one parent.According to data from the Kaize Family Foundation of the United States, the number of vaccines obtained by minorities in the United States is far less than white.25%of the US white people have been vaccinated at least 1 dose of vaccines, and the proportion of African and Latin American descent is 15%and 13%, respectively.The vaccination points everywhere in the wealthy area of the white people are very scarce in ethnic minorities and low -income communities.Former US President Barack Barack Obama said: “The epidemic of new crown pneumonia has caused more pain in the black American group, which is the embodiment of the American social inequality.”

Under the rendering of some extreme public figures, in the US -Asian group, it has become a “scapegoat” that passed on to the poor resistance to the United States.According to US media reports, the crime of Asian in the United States increased by nearly 150%in 2020, and New York City increased by 883%.The United States “stops hate Asia -Pacific Americans” report on March 16 shows that from March 19, 2020 to February 18, 2021, a total of 3795 reports from various types of hate crimes against Asian people were received.It reached 42.2%.According to the polls released by the Pew Research Center on April 21, 81%of Asian Americans believe that the number of violence against Asians is increasing, and 56%of all Americans think that violence against Asians is increasing.45%of Asian Americans said that they had experienced racial discrimination, and 32%said they were worried that they would be threatened or personal injury. 27%said that they had been attacked by other people’s insult vocabulary using racial discrimination.American morning consulting company polls on April 7 that 63%of adult Chinese interviewees said they had suffered racial discrimination, and 53%of Asian interviewees said that the former President Trump was responsible for his racial discrimination.

“Vaccine Nationalism”

Vaccine hoard “U.S. Priority.”The total number of vaccines produced and purchased in the United States has far exceeded domestic demand.Duke University’s Global Health Innovation Center tracked the global vaccine contract and found that in January of this year, the United States had purchased about 2.6 billion vaccines, accounting for about 1/4 of the global total, and the demand for the 330 million population in the United States (calculated by one person and two doses)Nearly 4 times.British data statistics company Airfinity said that as of March 2021, the United States only symbolically “rented” 4 million doses of Astraon vaccine to Mexico and Canada.Bloomberg quoted the inoculation data tracking data of the new crown vaccine of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, showing that the accumulation of vaccines in many places in the United States was serious, and some states of about 1/3 of the vaccine reserves were not used.The United States AXIOS News Network commented that when billions of people around the world were anxiously waiting for the vaccine, 30 million doses of vaccine “eat gray” in warehouses in Ohio.

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