Shandong: Guarding students’ "safety on the tip of the tongue"

    On the large screen picture of the “Ming Kitz Liangzao Smart Management Service Platform” of the Tianqiao District Market Supervision Bureau of Jinan City, in real time, the staff of the Jinan Tourism School Canteen Operation Room operate in real time.

    ”Under the real -time monitoring of the platform, we can promptly correct the irregular behavior of the cafeteria processing operations, strengthen risk warning, and ensure that teachers and students eat safe and delicious meals.” The relevant person in charge of the bureau introduced.At present, the bureau can conduct visual remote inspections on the production process of students’ meals through the “Internet+Ming Kitter Liang Stove+AI Smart Supervision Platform”.Essence

    Campus food safety has always been the focus of attention from all parties of the society, and it is also the top priority of food safety.In December 2023, the Shandong Food and Drug Office’s joint education, public security, human resources, and social security departments deployed a 6 -month -old campus food safety inspection and rectification operation, focused on outstanding problems, took strong and effective measures, and focused on solving managementOutstanding problems such as irregularities, inadequate implementation, and unhygienic environmental environment, and improve the long -term mechanism of campus food safety governance.

    ”This special operation should investigate and deal with a batch of key cases in accordance with the law, expose a number of typical cases, retreat a batch of unqualified contracting business enterprises, solve a number of outstanding problems, formulate a batch of standards, select a batch of experience and practice, form a one of the one to form a oneThe results of the construction of the approval system strive to achieve work results through this action. “The responsible comrade of the Catering Service Office of the Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau introduced.

    In January of this year, the Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau and the Department of Education of Shandong Province and the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security jointly launched a major training action for the major rectification training of school cafeteria in schools in the province to further improve the level of food safety management in school cafeteria food halls.EssenceA total of 23,000 school canteens and 240 off -school dining units were completed throughout the province’s full coverage risk hazards. The trainers were 50,300 to complete the rectification and improvement of 4,418 school cafeterias, which effectively guaranteed the food safety of campus.

    In order to control the food safety of the campus and truly reassure students and parents, all parts of the province have continuously increased the coordination and work of the work of the doors, and took out “real moves” and “hard tricks”.Essence

    Heze City has promoted activities such as pilot demonstration and promotion of “clean kitchen video and control” activities to standardize and improve the school cafeteria and out -of -school collective food units.At the same time, formulate rectification plans in accordance with the principle of “one school, one policy” and “one enterprise, one policy”, and focus on solving problems such as poor hardware facilities, old equipment, and unreasonable layout.At present, 95%of the school cafeterias in Heze have improved their standards. All school canteens have realized “6S” management to meet the requirements of clean kitchen, and the level of food safety management has been greatly improved.

    Jining City has established a team of online inspection specialists in the city’s schools and pension institutions and cafeterias to strengthen the establishment of online inspections, the disposal of higher -level dispatch issues and recovery feedback work mechanisms;Various forms such as the open day of the food units and the market integrity guard online conducting “you and I checked” to promote the organic combination of the special actions of campus food safety investigation and rectification with the social co -governance.

    In addition, Shandong also innovatively introduced the “Measures for Food Safety Credit Credit Management (Trial)” to strengthen the accuracy and differentiation of food safety supervision of school cafeteria, and establish a joint reward and punishment mechanism for cross -departmental credit supervision.

    At the same time, in response to the hidden risks such as mouse harm prevention and control, the provincial health, education, and market supervision departments jointly released the “Technical Guidance for Campus Rat Page Prevention and Control”, and held video conferences in the province to invite provincial medical and control experts to supervise market supervision at all levels at all levels.Personnel and school cafeteria food safety management personnel conduct a training explanation.

    In response to the school cafeteria, Shandong established a “key list” for supervision.According to the relevant person in charge of the Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, more than 3 batches have not qualified during the 2023 food safety supervision and random inspection, and 23 school cafeterias that have been unqualified in the past three years have been incorporated into the provincial level”Key list”, implement “sales number” management, urge the municipal work class to carry out “back to see” flight inspection, comprehensively use the “three books and one letter” (that is, the notice of the listing supervision, the notice of interview, the rectification notice, reminder, reminder, reminderUrged letters) Urges to increase rectification and ensure that the problem rectification is in place.

    ”In the next step, we will continue to compact the school’s food safety subject responsibility in accordance with the most rigorous standards, the strictest supervision, the most severe punishment, and the most serious accountability ‘”Strengthen regulatory measures, further strengthen departmental cooperation, promote social governance, and protect the safety of the tongue of teachers and students. “Said Li Guanbo, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau.

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