Shanghai Ecological and Environment Bureau: Strive to compose a new chapter in the construction of beautiful Shanghai

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important order when he inspected Shanghai was still in his ears and stirred people’s hearts.The work of “roadmap” and “construction table” outlined by the National Ecological Environmental Protection Work Conference, and urged people.

In 2024, the Shanghai ecological environment system will thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, comprehensively benchmark the requirements of the work of the table, adhere to the leadership of party building, and closely focus on the “five centers” bureaus around service construction to comprehensively promote the beauty of beautyThe construction of Shanghai is a general traction to accelerate the modern international metropolis that is harmonious and harmonious in nature.

Keep the “bottom line red line” and build a strong stabilization of the ecological environment with greater efforts.Implement the strategy of biological diversity protection, promote the adaptation of climate change actions, and improve the level of urban safety toughness; further strengthen the inspection and risk prevention and control of the hidden dangers of drinking water sources, hazardous waste, heavy metals, radiation, and environmental protection facilities, and timely and properly dispose of each in time and properly handle each.Class emergency environment events.

Focusing on the “main responsibility business”, we will in -depth pollution prevention and control of pollution.The main line is controlled by PM2.5, the cleaning air action plan is implemented, and the sources of volatile organic matter are replaced and accurate control.Focusing on the two “key small things” of drinking oil fume and noise pollution, further strengthening coordinated joint management and comprehensive control.

Deepen the traceability and classification rectification of the sewage outlets in the river and enter the sea, promote the construction of mixed surveys, sewage treatment facilities and pipeline network construction, and promote the special treatment of repeated river channels.

Implement the “Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Soil Pollution in Shanghai”, strengthen the management of key regulatory units in soil pollution, and continue to promote the control and safe utilization of soil risk control and safe use of key transformation areas such as Wujing and Taopu.Promote the construction of “non -waste cities” in the region, introduce the “Regulations on the Construction of No Waste Cities in Shanghai”, and build a group of “non -waste cells”.Promote the management of new pollutants.Continue to implement the “Green Shield” natural protection, strengthen supervision, and strengthen the protection and repair of important ecological systems such as the Yangtze River.Promote the construction of park cities, implement the “Thousands of Park Projects”, and build biodiversity -friendly cities.

Serving the “overall situation” to support the high -quality development of the economy with higher positions.Promote green low -carbon transformation, strictly control the total consumption of coal, vigorously support the development of clean energy such as solar energy and wind energy, coordinate the promotion of industrial structure adjustments, as well as the overall transformation of Wujing and Takahashi area, continue to promote the construction of green ports and green airports, and steadily promote the energy saving of building energy saving.The scale of transformation and ultra -low energy consumption building.

Implement the “EIA+” project, promote environmental impact assessment into the regional evaluation, and expand the planning environmental assessment and project environmental assessment policy to some areas outside the industrial park.The city’s promotion, focusing on integrated circuits, biomedicine and other key industries to introduce special environmental protection policy packages, comprehensively promote the approval reform of environmental assessment and pollution license “two certificates”, and ensure that major projects and key projects are accelerated.

Promote the “+Center” plan, focus on the construction of financial centers, coordinate the financial department to jointly build a national green financial pilot zone to create a green financial service platform; focus on the construction of trading centers, improve the carbon emission accounting method of key industries for the international rules, and continue to deepen Shanghai in ShanghaiThe construction of the local carbon market; focusing on the construction of the shipping center, supporting the pilot pilot of green methanol injection of Shanghai Port, and coordinating the green transformation of port airports; focusing on the construction of the science and innovation center, promote the construction of Shanghai green low -carbon innovation service base, and build a number of R & D and conversion platforms.

Strengthen “co -protection and co -governance” to promote environmental cooperation and cooperation with a wider field of vision.Strengthen the seamless connection of the red line of the Yangtze River Delta ecological protection, strengthen the cope with the summer ozone and the winter PM2.5 pollution, promote the key cross -border water bodies such as Dianshan Lake and Tai Pu River, promote the coordination of water source protection in integrated demonstration area, and strengthen danger.Waste cross -provincial transfer regional cooperation, coordinated the green transformation of traditional industries such as steel, petrochemical, building materials, textile printing and dyeing, and exploring pilot transactions in regional pollution rights.Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation such as climate change and biological diversity protection, high -standard construction of an ecological environmental protection innovation base for high standard construction, and creating a clean and beautiful world front window.

Pay attention to the “grassroots foundation” to improve the level of ecological environmental governance with more efficiency.Accelerate the construction of a modern ecological environment and intelligent monitoring system, continuously deepen the digital transformation of ecological environment governance, improve the system of pollution sources and classification supervision systems, promote the “one -certificate” law enforcement of fixed pollution sources, and vigorously promote non -on -site law enforcement and differentiated law enforcement.Complete the reform of the scientific and technological system in the ecological environment, strengthen key core technologies in the ecological environment, and build a number of ecological technology innovation platforms.

In order to do a good job of all -year work, we must adhere to and strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership, consolidate the results of expanding theme educational achievements, firmly support the “two establishment”, resolutely achieve “two maintenance”, and insist on using the party’s innovative theory to consolidate the heart.The soul, in -depth promotion of the party style and clean government, create an entrepreneurial atmosphere of “full of passion, creation, and courage to take responsibility”, continuously forge ecological environmental protection of the iron army, and provide strong politics and organizations for the beautiful Shanghai that is harmonious and naturally coexisted with nature and nature.Assure.

(Tang Jiafu, Secretary of the Party Group of Shanghai Ecological and Environment, Yan Bo, Director of the Shanghai Ecological and Environment Bureau)

Original title: “Shanghai Ecological and Environment Bureau: Strive to write a new chapter in the construction of beautiful Shanghai”

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