SHOPIFY X Yibang think tank jointly released the "New Growth Report on Independent Station Drive omni -Channel Integration"

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[Yibang Original] 1 innovation concept, 4 profound insights, 6 major facts interpretation+6 case analysis, 5 major Shopify Plus high -level service capabilities, 4 global brand case disassembly, integrate business as the cornerstone with all channels, Take you on a journey of advanced globalization of globalization.

In April 2024, SHOPIFY jointly issued the “New Growth Report on Independent Station Drive omni -Channel Integration” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”).The “Report” is the core of the platform station+independent station 1+1> 2 coordinated growth as the core, and the main line of integration and growth of independent stations is based on independent station.Brand cases show the efficient independent station business growth of the SHOPIFIFY PLUS enterprise solution.Through the practical play of the typical representative of the four brands of globalization, we will reveal how to successfully take root in the effective strategy of overseas markets, and aims to provide reference and revelation for brand companies into global operations.

《报告》首次提出”全渠道整合商业(Unified Commerce)”创新理念,即以独立站为核心,连接第三方平台、B2B、社交网络及零售实体等其他渠道,实现全渠道整合、全场景覆盖及Full contact penetration.With one -stop management and personalized services integrating user behavior and sales data, real -time capture user needs provide seamless shopping experience, amplify the value of life cycle, and achieve double increase in market share and brand influence.

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What is omni -channel integration business?

Value superposition, independent station driver 1+1> 2

Insight 1: Competition to go to sea has intensified, and omsome integration business (Unified Commerce) becomes an important driver for brand globalization expansion

With the intensification of industry competition, global brands are showing the increasingly extensive and in -depth offensive situation of overseas markets, and continuously pursue product, traffic, channels, and services to improve and refine.The Unified Commerce of omni -channel integration is based on independent stations, and the extensive coverage and deep penetration of omni -channel, full scene and full contact has become an important driver for brand global expansion.

Insight 2: Building a core barrier, brand independent station has become the core position to create omni -channel integration business

The brand’s independent station undertakes the functions of brand image display, interested user precipitation, customer direct sales, repurchase and cross -sales, and user operation and customer service. It is the core position of the brand’s overseas market, fighting for market share, and cultivating loyal customers.

Insight 3: Platform station + independent station, double -pronged integration of resource value superposition

The third -party platform station and independent station are not zero -sum games, but partners in collaborative growth.Globalized brands should play both the advantages of both ends, and use the user scale effect of the third -party platform to shape the brand’s brand shape to integrate resources to achieve a strong breakout.

Insight 4: Platform station x independent station public private domain linkage, comprehensive benefits improvement realization 1+1> 2

The third -party platform X brand independent station has strongly leveraged public and private domains, and adopted a differentiated “people cargo farm” operating strategy to achieve product harmony.Through continuous in -depth service users, comprehensive benefits are significantly improved.


Why is the independent station driving omni -channel growth?

Six major interpretations+case disassembly

Restore the integrated value of the full link of the independent station

In response to the cognitive misunderstandings of the out -of -sea brand in the operation of independent stations, the “Report” starts from the perspective of the merchant, and around the perspective of the merchant, focusing on the time and cost of the construction time and cost, website and product content, drainage promotion, data processing and utilization, payment security and checkout pages, and omni -channel channels, and omni -channelThe six major dimensions of operations are interpreted in depth, and the integrated value and key role of independent standing in the full -link operation is fully revealed.

At the same time, the “Report” selects six well -known brand cases at home and abroad, and cooperate with the six major facts to explain how to use Shopify / Shopify Plus enterprise -level solutions to crack the operating problem and promote the rapid brand growth.These lively and inspiring cases not only provide practical reference for brand merchants, but also stimulate resonance and deepen the correct understanding of independent station operations.

Build an excellent operating ability of independent stations

Shopify Plus efficient empowerment brand globalization

In the expansion of globalization, brands need to deal with dual competition from domestic giants and overseas brands.Standing at the crossroads, is it dependent on a third -party platform or to establish a deeper communication with consumers?This not only affects the brand image and marketing strategy, but also directly affects operating efficiency and profit margin.Facing the establishment of the brand mentality in independent station operations, telling brand stories, creating unique images, and continuous innovation are the key to highlighting the siege.Based on this, brand merchants need to link internal and external linkages to strengthen their independent stations’ operating capabilities and enhance their core competitiveness; use third -party tools and resources to improve service level and customer satisfaction.

With the omnicated Commerce, Shopify has launched enterprise -level solutions SHOPIFIFY PLUS with a complete product ecology and advanced technology, which is tailor -made for large -scale high -growth brand merchants with expanded multi -countries., Precisely deploy inventory resources and create a unified customer experience, significantly enhance brand value.

SHOPIFY PLUS enterprise -level solution five high -level services:

① Globalization expansion:It is easy to manage the additional 9 stations under the same brand to strengthen the localized experience

② Customized checkout:Optimization of payment expansion function, the payment experience, significantly improved the conversion rate

③ Automation tool:Advertising and automation promotion tools, greatly improving operating efficiency

④ One -stop management:Centralized management of DTC and B2B sales business to improve transaction efficiency acquisition new increments

⑤ All -weather support:Trusting service and resources that are worthy of support, enjoy the in -depth business experience


How to effectively realize the advanced globalization of the brand?

Enter the global brand front line

Discovering the way to succeed based on overseas markets

In order to explore the secrets of the success of global brands in overseas markets, the “Report” has entered the four typical companies, and through the systematic combing valuable experience accumulated in actual combat, it provides a strong guidance and reference for the advanced globalization of the brand.More companies have achieved breakthroughs and growth in overseas markets.

Case 1: [Anke Innovation | Anker]Leading to the sea consumer electronics track, creating a global model of high quality with excellent products.With the help of Shopify Plus to reshape the official website, complete the closed loop of sales, and promote the synchronous growth of omni -channel revenue

Case 2: [Shaoyin | Shokz]Autonomous research and development of core technologies of bone conduction sound, and build a strong brand with strong products.Using the SHOPIFY PLUS upgrade brand official website 2.0, the omni -channel layout shows the globalization operation strength

Case three: [Aima | Aimer]In 31 years, leading the women’s underwear industry, relying on the integration of high -quality research and selling and selling, rooting the world.From self -built station to Shopify Plus independent station, the business speed -up shifting shifts omnicirence growth

Case 4: [REST]Supported by the digital supply chain and new global organization, it has created a high -potential energy brand with large single products by Liang.From Shopify to third -party platforms to Shopify Plus, dual -track operation drive sales dual growth

To learn more about the “Report”, explore the core values of the integration of all -channel integration, insight into the independent station to drive omni -channel integration growth methodology, dismantle the innovation practice of typical representatives of global brand, and obtain the SHOPIFY PLUS enterprise solution, please pay attention to Yibang Power PowerWeChat public account, Yibang Power Official Website and Yibang Power APP.

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