Spectral Action Plan Phase III Starting Study and Donation of Science Popularization Resources to help children’s education in the central and western regions

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  A few days ago, the “Launching Ceremony and Teacher Training Activities for the Spectrum Action Plan Project” was grandly held in Guanghe County Chengdong Elementary School, Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province.The plan is based on the theme of navigation and through close cooperation with units such as the deep -sea science science base of Tongji University and the National Key Laboratory (Tongji University) and other units, and aims to provide children with a wealth of scientific activities for children in the central and western regions to promote their right to rightScientific knowledge mastery and the cultivation of scientific thinking.This event marks the spectral action plan (Phase II) implemented by the Global and Beijing Guixin Charity Foundation (Phase II) in Guanghe County.

  At the donation ceremony, the representatives of Xue and the Beijing Guixin Charity Foundation donated 800 navigation science science books and 272 ship model materials to 16 project cooperative schools in Guanghe County.These materials not only enriched the school’s popular science resources, but also brought a new learning experience to children.Through reading and operating these models, children can better understand the knowledge of navigation and stimulate their interest and curiosity of science.

  In the future, the donation representative of the Public Welfare Foundation established by the brand of Xue and Si said at the donation ceremony: “We hope to promote the development of county science education through this project, so that more children in the central and western regions will have the opportunity to contact science and explore the explorationScience, fall in love with science. “In the future, it has always been committed to promoting the popularity of education fairness and high -quality educational resources.

  In order to further enhance the scientific literacy of students in Guanghe County, two scientific teachers Cao Yin and Xie Yan went to Shuiquan Primary School in Guanghe County, which brought vivid and interesting public welfare science to students in the second and fifth grades.class.In class, teachers guided children to explore the mystery of science through rich experiments and interaction links, and cultivate their scientific thinking and innovation ability.In addition, Xue and Si also donated 1,200 sets of self -developed scientific thinking courses and teaching aids to Shuiquan Elementary School, which provided strong support for the school’s scientific education.

  It is worth mentioning that students from 16 project schools in Guanghe County take online scientific theme courses from April to May this year.These courses are carried out around the theme of navigation science to guide students to learn the use of engineering knowledge, design and produce the “electric ship” model.Through this process, children can not only improve their ability to learn, observe, study, cooperate, and solve problems, but also understand the charm of navigation science more deeply.

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