Sports: Fun and Movement are two concepts!Are you right?

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Speaking of exercise, it is undoubtedly “Liu Genghong”, which led a wave of movement in a new form, but also a wave of incidents of physical injuries caused by Mr. Liu Genghong’s exercise.We all know that exercise is very good for our health, but many people have great misunderstandings about “exercise”, leading to wrong exercise and excessive exercise in the end.

Bleak“Yun” and “movement” are two concepts!

What is “sports”?Sports are running, playing basketball, playing football?Do you do something sweating?Most people seem to have combined “transportation” and “movement” together. However, “Yun” and “movement” are actually two things, two concepts.

“Said the text” Yun “Yun, migration (xǐ) also. Move.I used the ancients’ definition of creating “transportation” and “moving”. It is difficult for everyoneAnd the activity.

Therefore“Move” for “transport”Corresponding to our human body, it means that through the “movement” of the human body to realize the internal organs and blood of our human body, “transport”, so “The purpose of transportation is to allow the body’s overall qi and blood to flow, thereby achieving the update of metabolism.

“Blood and Blood, Good Body”

“Motion” is actually very simple. Most sports activities we usually see are basically the category of “movement”.Of course, this is not to say that these sports activities are only moved and not transported. These exercises are just more biased towards limbs and muscles. It can promote certain internal transportation.Fewer, the stasis hidden in the organs is less.


Just like we have talked about a case before:It is a patient who usually does not smoke or drink, stays up late, goes to bed early and gets up early.Frequent exercise, running, exerciseIt is muscle and limbs, althoughQi and blood have also accelerated the operation, but the organs organs have not been effectively updated effectively.The viscera is in a harsh environment, affecting normal physiological functions, thereby causing corresponding diseases.

So the inner “transportation” is actually more important,,Make the visceral qi and blood, you can run,If you do n’t get sick, get less sick, and get sick and fast, it ’s like“ flowing water is not rotten, and the household is not stingy ”. It promotes the effective operation of the human organs and qi and blood.

“The disease is raised by yourself”

“Yun” is a relatively difficult thing, because the limbs can be controlled by ideological consciousness, but the internal organs are not good.We have no way to control the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal, the speed of the heartbeat, and the secretion of various glands like controlling the movement of the limbs.

However, our old ancestors also made profound research and practice for this,“Yun” can achieve the inner “transportation” through the slow movement of stumps, sitting, Tai Chi, etc.For example, when standing stakes, the stakes will appear heat in the stake for a while, and some will also snoring and fart. This is the adjustment of the inner qi and blood.Those who often stand in their piles will also become better, sufficient energy, limbs with light limbs, flexible brains, and fullness.

“Moving is for Yun”

So friends who love sports or friends who want to improve the body through sports are best to re -examine their own way of sports.The combination of “transportation” and “moving” is the real movement -internal and viscera, qi and blood adjustment, moving bones and bones, and bones and bones.

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