Su Bingtian: For the improvement of 0.01 seconds, 100%efforts are paid

Men’s sprint player Su Bingtian–

In order to increase 0.01 seconds, 100%effort is paid (the struggler is youth)

On May 19th, Beijing time, the International Olympic Committee officially announced that the Chinese men’s 4 × 100m relay team made up for the Tokyo Olympics bronze medal.As the main player of the Chinese team, Su Bingtian, a sprint famous, finally gained a valuable medal in his third Olympic tour.He published a “winning speech” through a video: This Olympic medal is a Chinese sprint!

From the first 10 second mark in 2015, to the Tokyo Olympic Men’s 100m semi -finals, 9 seconds 83, and entered the finals.On the way to pursue excellence, 33 -year -old Su Bingtian never stopped moving forward.Whether it is the Chinese “Flying Man” on the 100 -meter runway, or a sports teacher teaching running skills on campus, he is struggling to run on different “track”.

There is no smooth sailing in the field, but he can always get frustrated and bravely

On the morning of July 16th, Beijing time, the men’s 100m preliminaries started in the Oregon World Track and Field Championships, and Su Bingtian set foot on the World Championships for the sixth time.7 years ago at the U.S. U.S. Diamond League in the United States, in the same venue, he ran out of 9 seconds and 99, becoming the first Chinese men’s 100 -meter player who broke into the 10 -second mark.

After breaking the 10 -second mark, Su Bingtian ran 9 seconds 91 in 2018, tied the men’s 100 -meter Asian record.At the Tokyo Olympic Games, he greatly raised the Asian record to 9 seconds 83, and became the first Asian player to break into the Olympic men’s 100m finals.While repeated breakthroughs in Chinese track and field, he also frequently brought surprises in the competition: at the 2015 World Championships, he and his teammates won the men’s 4 × 100 meters relay runner -up; at the 2018 Asian Games, he defeated the masters of various ways, To win a valuable men’s 100 -meter gold medal for the Chinese Sports delegation.

Honor is not all of Su Bingtian’s career. He is more frustrated and brave in difficulties, writing another side of his sports life.It occurred during injuries, including several severe injuries, but every time he could walk out of frustration and return to its peak.The field was not smooth. In the Moscow World Championship men’s 100 -meter semi -finals in 2013, Su Bingtian was sent off because of grabbing, causing him to have a psychological shadow of the fire gun.However, Su Bingtian did not retreat, but instead faced the difficulties, and finally made the starting into his own advantage.

“One day I walked to the sports field alone, standing in front of the runway, and asked if I couldn’t run anymore?” After a serious injury in 2019, Su Bingtian thought about giving up. “You can run, as long as you overcome the injury, you can still fly!

There is almost harsh pursuit of technical details

At the Oregon World Championships, Su Bingtian broke into the semi -finals of the men’s 100 -meter -finals for the fifth consecutive time.For sprinting athletes, every 0.01 seconds increased, 100%of the dedication was required. Su Bingtian has almost harsh pursuit of technical details.

Su Bingtian’s small rolls with him are no longer a “secret weapon”.Regardless of the pre -match training or the game, he would take out the tape to measure carefully and carefully find the best position for the runner.After summing up experience and studying and research after years, Su Bingtian continued to “carefully craft” his running skills, improve training efficiency, and improve the scores.

In April of this year, Su Bingtian wrote “Scientific Training Let me breakthrough” in the People’s Daily, introducing my “secrets” of breaking the Asian record at the Tokyo Olympics.”Through learning and research, I found that to improve my grades, I must solve the problems of insufficient muscle group strength and ankle joint force of the previous stocks, the speed and power rate of active land, and unreasonable starting posture.Change from the left foot to the right foot., And I gradually formed in constant learning. ”

“The high -quality development of Athletic Sports is inseparable from the key momentum of scientific training.” Su Bingtian said.In addition to sweating on the training ground, constantly studying topics and improving the knowledge and theoretical level of scientific training is also an important part of his usual training preparation.In recent years, Su Bingtian has published a paper several times in his training in addition to training.He continued to study technology in learning and training, helping him to maintain excellent competitive levels over the years, and constantly create excellent results for Chinese track and field.

Share experience experience to help more young people

In addition to the identity of the Chinese national track and field athletes, Su Bingtian is currently a teacher of the School of Physical Education of Jinan University.On the arena, he inspired Chinese athletes to cut thorns and climb the peak; on campus, he was committed to preaching to teach and trying his best to pass his skills and knowledge to more people.

“When contacting the ground, pull your feet directly up, and then go down, this may save 0.01 seconds …” After the 14th National Games last year, Su Bingtian, who had ended the task of one year, returned to the campus and talked about it.There is a running -sharing class with a unique face.From the flexible exercises of the system movement system, to the special coordination training of running, Su Bingtian was meticulous and taught in the face of enthusiastic students.

At the end of 2021, Su Bingtian Research and Training Center was unveiled at Jinan University, focusing on the cutting -edge technologies of track and field training.On the eve of Teacher’s Day this year, Su Bingtian donated 1 million yuan to Jinan University to cultivate high -level athletes.It is his goal to contribute to the construction of a strong country. “I will continue to explore my possibility on the runway, and I will try my best to help more students with their own life experience and field experience.”” ”

Can you still bring surprises on your own “main stadium” -the track and field track?At least he has never given up his efforts.”I didn’t leave the runway because I saw the possibility of continuing to break through. Although it was difficult, I would continue to persist.” Su Bingtian said.

Looking forward to the future, Su Bingtian said that in the relay game of the Hangzhou Asian Games next year, he hopes to work with his teammates to fight for good results.

The steps of struggle never stop.

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