The expansion of high -quality education resources in Chaoyang District has built 21 education groups

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In June of this year, the project of the Dongba North Campus of Beijing Middle School will complete the underground structure construction, and it is expected to be delivered in September 2025.In the past two years, high -quality educational resources in Chaoyang District have continued to expand, and high -quality high schools such as Beijing Science and Technology High School and Media High School have landed.Chaoyang District has built 21 primary and secondary school education groups covering the district, and children can enjoy balanced high -quality education nearby.
In the laboratory of Beijing Middle School, students use waste mobile phone parts to make new mobile phones.Photo by Wang Fei, a reporter from Beijing News
A number of high -quality educational resources landed in the sun
In Dongba Township, the largest single school in the education field in Chaoyang District -Beijing Middle School Dongba North Campus is accelerating construction.The school runs 78 classes, including 24 teaching classes in junior high schools and 54 teaching classes in high schools, which can provide 3,390 degrees.
Entering Beijing Middle School, the campus is not only a classroom, but also a breeding garden. It can grow vegetables and keep pets.In the north and south of the river, explore the “Journey to the Roots of Chinese Culture” along the way.
In addition to rich social practice, the children carried out interesting scientific experiments under the leadership of the teacher.Xia Qingfeng, the principal of Beijing Middle School, said, “We have a laboratory, which is the part of the disassembly of old mobile phones. Children are here to make a wonderful imagination.The mobile phone. In addition, there are many small inventions, such as “walking” table tennis automatically picking up machines, etc. Some have obtained invention patents.
In addition to Beijing Middle School, many high -quality educational resources in Chaoyang District have landed.The 80th Middle School in Beijing was selected into the national primary and secondary school artificial intelligence education base, and the “Wang Xuan Innovation Experimental Class” landed for more than ten years.Chen Jinglun Middle School, the alma mater of the original coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, offers volleyball courses, and selected outstanding students in each section to set up the “Lang Ping Class”.In addition, the teachers and students of the Chaoyang District Experimental Primary School won more than 40 national patents, and the PDC Education Alliance led the PDC Education Alliance.
A good news worthy of attention is that in September this year, Beijing Middle School Science and Technology Branch, which was jointly established by Chaoyang District and Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Foreign Economic and Trade University, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing Institute of clothing, Chinese Women’s CollegeStarting school.In order to achieve a high starting point, the school recruits the president and vice president of the country.In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Chaoyang District Education Commission introduced that a major feature of Beijing Middle School Science and Technology Campus is the scientific and technological characteristic curriculum system that builds “liberal arts and science and technology”. Therefore, the principal of the school should have a more advanced concept and a broader visionEssence
In addition, the city’s first scientific high school -Beijing Science High School was officially approved. It is planned to officially start in September 2026. The school will conduct in -depth cooperation with well -known universities and scientific research institutes to expand mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography and other disciplinesCourse, explore the cultivation model of large and medium -sized innovative talents.
At the same time, Chaoyang School (Chaoyang Port Campus) of the Affiliated Middle School of the National People’s Congress has landed, and Chaoyang District also introduced First Middle School Affiliated Middle School to deepen cooperation with the Communication University of China to explore the construction of high schools.
Well -known universities are also deepening cooperation with Chaoyang District.For example, in March of this year, Tsinghua University and 6 middle schools in Chaoyang District reached a cooperation intention to coordinate and cultivate top innovative talents; Beijing 80th Middle School, Beijing Jinglun Middle School, and Beijing Middle School three Chaoyang districts were selected as “Boya TalentCo -cultivation base.
Beijing Middle School carried out a variety of community activities.Photo by Wang Fei, a reporter from Beijing News
21 education groups cover the entire district
In the center of the capital, Chaoyang District has the largest area and the most population.In order to expand the supply of high -quality resources, Chaoyang District has achieved the rapid gathering of high -quality educational resources through the optimization of group running schools, school district management, and joint school running.
For example, Chen Jinglun Middle School Education Group, now, it has 11 branches and 25 schools, which runs through the 12 -year basic education from elementary school to high school.
What is the role of construction education group?According to the relevant person in charge of the Chaoyang District Education Commission, optimizing and integrating existing resource construction Education Group can further give play to the resource advantages and brand effects of high -quality schools, and effectively improve the quality of education and the quality of education and new schools in the education groups, the weak schools in the school district, and the new schools.The level of running a school to create an education platform that is beneficial to children’s learning and growth.
At present, 21 education groups have been built in Chaoyang District to achieve 100%full coverage of high -quality education resources in public primary and secondary schools.There are more than 500 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and vocational high schools in the district, with more than 342,000 students in the school, and the volume of basic education accounts for about 1/6 in the city.There are 35 international schools in the district, and international students and foreign teachers are ranked first in the city.
In addition, Chaoyang District also has a team with excellent quality. At present, the region has 285 special teachers in Beijing and 218 senior teachers. Various backbone teachers at all levels account for nearly 60 % of the full -time teachers in the district.The quantity is among the best in the city.In the future, Chaoyang District will continue to introduce high -quality education resources, strengthen cooperation with high -quality education with universities, accelerate the layout of high -quality large -scale schools, and allow more children to enjoy high -quality education.
Beijing News reporter Wu Tingting
Editor Zhang Gang School Division Zhang Yanjun

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