The Gansu Popular Science Research Alliance was established in Lanzhou

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  China March 24th News(Cheng Jian, a reporter from the northwest corner · China On March 23, the China Science Popular Science Research Alliance Gansu Branch and the establishment of the Gansu Popular Science Research Alliance were held in Lanzhou.Mao Manjun, vice chairman of the Provincial Science and Technology Association, attended the meeting. Wang Huadong, former president of Lanzhou Institute of Technology, Wang Huadong, president of the Gansu Adult and Vocational Education Association, and the relevant persons in charge of each member unit attended the meeting.

  The meeting read the approval of the China Science Science Research Alliance and reported the establishment of the alliance.

  Mao Manjun said in his speech that science science research is a new method and new model of scientific popularization and scientific education for teenagers.Carrying out science science research activities will not only help cultivate young people’s scientific interests, promote the deep integration of book knowledge and scientific practice, but also help cultivate young people’s innovative spirit and practical ability, and improve the scientific quality of young people.

  Wang Huadong said that the newly established Gansu Popular Science Research Alliance will be based on the general trend of science popularization work in the new era, innovate the concept of development, strengthen the top -level design, promote the effective integration of science popularization resources, steadily promote the co -construction, project research, and education of relevant units.Push, talents and achievement sharing.It will further promote member units to build sharing and integration and improvement in scientific popularization, scientific and technological innovation, technology applications, education and culture, etc., and promote the high -quality development of scientific and technological education in our province with science science research demonstration.Contribute popular science power.

  ”The establishment of the alliance will gather high -end science science research resources through effective alliance mechanisms, integrate high -end science science research courses, cultivate professional science science research mentors, organize high -end science science research activities, build a shared service platform for science science research, and formulate a sharing service platform, formulating in accordance with the formation of complianceGansu’s actual industry standards and evaluation standards have promoted the development of Gansu’s popularity in the model of dynamic management. “Said Zhao Rui, president of the Gansu Science and Technology Education Promotion Association.

  With the strong support of the Gansu Popular Science Research Alliance, with the strong support of the China Science Popular Science Research Alliance, the Gansu Provincial Association of Science and Technology Association, it is a science and technology, education community, such as the Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Education Promotion Association, the Gansu Adult Vocational Education Association, and the Longyuan Economic Cooperation Center of GansuEnterprises and other units were jointly established.

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