The Hong Kong Garbage Tarment Environment Bureau is approved and has no participation in trial difficulty to give confidence

[The Epoch Times, March 26, 2024] (Reported by the Epoch Times reporter Yang Ri Hong Kong) The garbage fee plan will be implemented in Hong Kong from August 1st.The “first trial” plan is charged.Some environmental groups have criticized that the trial plan only includes the Western Kowloon Government Cooperation Department. The Environment and Ecological Bureau and the Environmental Protection Agency have no participation. It is difficult to give people sufficient confidence.

Starting from April 1, the waste levy will be launched in 14 places.Liu Zhifeng, Director of Green Earth, believes that the trial plan pilot is not extensive and representative.”The Environment Bureau and the Environmental Protection Agency do not try themselves. Give a confidence in other departments or citizens. This is no longer ideal.”

Liu Zhifeng said that the Environment Bureau said that the bureau and government headquarters adopted the overall collection of garbage models. Under the garbage charges, it will be charged at a heavy fee, not a specified bag, so there is no need to include the scope of this trial.However, he refuted that the government was just the opportunity to let the departments understand their respective garbage and share costs.”I said before, trying to collect two modes of collecting garbage and charging by heavy charges. There is no reason to try one now.”

He continued to point out that many principals told it that they were quite “head marks (very troublesome)” to the execution of garbage fees. There were many questions, and it was not clear how to meet the specifications.The property management industry is also worried that the residents do not use the specified bag, and how to deal with the cleaner.However, this plan does not include schools, exhibition venues, or hotels. He is worried that it is difficult to test illegal situation when trial.

Lin Yongsheng, a member of the East District District, believes that the authorities have notified too much to “try first”. From the notification to the implementation of only about one week, it is not enough to let the residents respond. The residents he came into contact with did not know the specific implementation situation.He revealed that the housing estate had posted a notice to prepare for garbage classification, but did not increase the hand.Lin Yongsheng said that he was worried about increasing the process due to the handling of garbage, which then affected the daily management and clean service level of the housing estate. It is hoped that the government will support it by that.

As for the new light restaurant participating in the trial plan, Hu Zhu, the general managing director of the Group, said that the government invited them to participate in the trial and mainly understand how many specified bags needed for the daily operation of the restaurant.He said that the current primary task is to educate employees to classify garbage and reduce designated bags.He also agrees that the government needs to increase pilot analysis.@ @

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