The Ministry of Ecology and Environment reported the ranking of 168 key cities, and the 18th place in May in May in Changchun City

On June 25, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment reported that May 168 key cities ranked among the top 20 and latter 20 cities in May this year, and Changchun ranked 18th.This is the top 20 nationwide after Changchun City ranked in the top 20 in March this year.
According to the monitoring data of China Environmental Monitoring Terminal, in May, the number of effective monitoring days of environmental air quality in Changchun City for a total of 31 days, with excellent days of excellent days, accounting for 90.3%, an increase of 1 day;The year -on -year decrease was reduced by 1 day, and there was no number of days of pollution, and a year -on -year decrease was reduced by 1 day.
Monitoring data also shows that in May, the average values ​​of six pollutants in the urban environment of Changchun City reached the “Environmental Air Quality Standards” (GB3095-2012) medium-aged two-level concentration limit.The average concentration of inhalation particulate matter (PM10) was 42µg/m3, a decrease of 16.0%year -on -year; the average concentration of fine particles (PM2.5) was 18µg/m3, a decrease of 5.3%year -on -year; the average concentration of sulfur dioxide (SO2) was 7µg/m3, an increase of rising year -on -year16.7%; the average concentration of nitric oxide (NO2) was 20µg/m3, a decrease of 20.0%year -on -year; the average 90 -percentage concentration of the maximum 8 hours of ozone (O3) was 140µg/m3, a decrease of 3.4%year -on -year; carbon monoxide (CO)The average concentration of the 95th percentage of daily average is 0.5mg/m3, which is the same year -on -year.
This year, Changchun City carefully planned to improve the measures of air quality, continuously improved the measures, carried out in -depth air quality supervision and assistance operations, and promoted the implementation of key tasks.Accelerate the reform of the elimination of coal -fired boilers.Through supervision and assistance, interpretation of policies, strengthening assessment, strict supervision, etc., promote the renewal of air pollution prevention facilities and equipment for coal -fired boilers, implement coal -fired heating boiler elimination, clean energy replacement, and ultra -low emission transformation projects to accelerate the pilot cities of clean heating pilot citiesConstruction, 141 coal -fired boilers have been eliminated and renovated.
Continue to deepen the refined control of urban dust.Using the “Jilin No. 1” high -definition satellite, monthly remote sensing and measurement material stacks, construction sites, demolition sites, naked grounds and informal garbage points, etc., organize various jurisdictions and relevant departments to check and rectify issues, organize developmentThe city’s special law enforcement operations of the material stack of coal -fired heating and other enterprises, investigated 309 dust -related enterprises, and rectified 79 dust problems within a time limit.
Organize the comprehensive governance of volatile organic matter.Promote the use of low VOCS content coatings such as automobiles, components and other enterprises.FAW -liberation truck coating and the relocation of 5 branches such as FAOs’ parts have completed the source replacement.CRRC’s urban railway and subway models are switched to water -based coatings.Continue to strengthen the investigation, comprehensive governance, law enforcement supervision, management and training of industrial painting, packaging printing, oil storage and sales, etc., and further improve the level of law enforcement supervision and industry governance.Highlighting 84 problems such as collecting, oil and gas recovery and other links, with a rectification rate of 96.4%.
Strengthen the pipeline collaboration of enterprises and gas stations in key industries.Carry out special actions of volatile organic matter inspection and inspection, inspect 478 VOCS enterprises (times) involved in VOCS, focus on the printing industry as a focus on special rectification, investigate and dynamically update the list of 239 enterprises, and help 17 issues of rectification.Carry out the inspection and repair of leakage in the petrochemical industry, and organize the organizational petrochemical industry to adopt measures such as artificial inspections, instrument measurement, and installation of gas leakage alarms to timely discover leakage and repair treatment.
Strengthen the control of mobile source pollution.Strengthen the management of motor vehicle emissions inspection agencies, strictly supervise and manage 113 inspection agencies and 322 inspection stations, and the online monitoring rate is 100%.Strict supervision of environmental protection standards for new production of motor vehicles, 6,553 (times) of new vehicles registered inspection.Continue to carry out road inspections and household spot tests, and carry out 7.7313 million units (times) of motor vehicle remote sensing.Implement the discharge inspection and mandatory maintenance system.Promote the registration of non -road mobile machinery codes.
Author: Li Chunhui Yang Xueli Jilin Daily All Media Reporter Wang Qiuyue

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