The Nineteenth Middle School of Zhuzhou City held the "Xiangyang Flower" operation "Xiangyang Flower" operation

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Zhuzhou News Network, April 25th (Correspondent Guo Weifeng) On April 24, Zhuzhou Nineteenth Middle School held the “Xiangyang Flower” action “Xiangyang Flower” and the second activity of home and school in 2024.The event invited Guo Weifeng, director of the School Political and Education Department, and Liu Hongzhu, a national secondary psychological counselor and director of the supervision office, to interpret the parents.

Family is the first school in life. Parents are the first teacher of their children. Family education guidance work is of great significance.Family education “Xiangyanghua” operations conducted family education guidance services and practical activities with parents and other guardians 0-18 years old and other guardians.The purpose is to focus on the fundamental tasks of the people in Lide, strengthen the main responsibility of parents and family education, enhance the family education concepts and abilities of parents, and education and guides parents to bring their baby and scientific teachings in accordance with the law, promote the healthy growth of children, and cultivate children into love.The party loves the country and looks good.

Walking with Fa, protecting Lei grows up.The first item of the event was explained to the parents of sexual assault safety for parents.From the four parts of what is sexual assault, the misunderstanding of sexual assault, how to prevent sexual assault, combined with social hot events, and to guide parents to correctly understand the relevant knowledge of sexual assault through flexible and diverse methods such as lectures, discussions, and case analysis.The land is done by home and school to grow up healthy growth.

The home -school education, the flowers bloom to the sun.The second item of the event was first interpreted by Liu Hongzhu’s “One Law, One Law, One Law, One Regulations” to further deepen the understanding of the regulations.At the same time, we gave lectures on the theme of the new era with the baby according to the law, introduced the background of the “one law and one regulations” of family education to the parents of the participants, the statutory responsibilities that parents should bear in family education, the social system supported by family education, and the parents illegal according to the law.The legal consequences of bringing dolls carry out publicity and explanations.Through the lecture, parents are aware that education is no longer singing a unicorn, but a coordinated force, allowing school education, social education, and family education to jointly play the role of “1+1+1> 3”.Liu Hongzhu combined with his own work experience and life reality, calling on parents to scramble to serve as “propagandians”, “guidance” and “practitioners” of family education work, and actively guide the majority of parents to study family education concepts and methods, help parents bring their baby in accordance with the law, andScientific parenting, truly realizing school education and family education collaborative education, and breeding the future.

This family education lecture awakened the importance of parents’ attention to family education, and made them more deeply understand that raising children was actually a warm practice.Parents have expressed their benefits.In the future, the school will continue to keep pace with the times, go all out for the comprehensive development of the children, pour it with heart, wait silently, and listen to the sound of each flower.

First trial: Zeng Hui

Second trial: Li Miao

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