The opening of the Twenty Cultural Expo Koxing Science Park

Shenzhen News Network, May 21, 2024(Shenzhen Commercial Daily reporter Tu Jingyu) On May 20th, the 20th Cultural Expo Cultural Expo Cultural Expo Cultural Expo Culture Park with the theme of “Wenqi Kexing, Digital Empowerment” was officially launched at Nanshan Kexing Science Park.

Ren Qi, the vice president of Zhengzhong Group and the person in charge of the service of Kexing, said that the Kexing Science Park takes technology as the base and culture as the outline.The transformation and upgrading of the direction of innovation and innovation, and make every effort to create a new benchmark for Shenzhen Cultural Industrial Park.At present, among Nanshan Kexing Science Park, the total number of cultural enterprises has reached 124 and revenue exceeds 100 billion yuan.Honor title.

The “Kexing Science Park Digital Creative Industry Education Center” was officially unveiled. It will establish a vertical service system around the digital creative industry, combine the industrial space with the resources of breeding centers, and further build internal creative space, industrial resources traction, venture capital incubation and cultivation, etc.Improve the agglomeration and innovation development of the digital creative industry of the Kexing Science Park.

During the event, the Five Enterprises of the Five Enterprises of the Institute of Financial Stability Development, Eagle Fund, Century China Micro, Shenzhen Digital Creative and Multimedia Industry Association, Shenzhen Cultural Industry Park Association and institutions completed the signing of the digital service industry resource contract;Five companies with Ge Literature, Xiucheng Culture, Gao Jing Culture, Youmi Technology, and Chao Phoenix Sports have reached a contract signing contract to jointly promote the collaboration and development of the digital creative industry chain.

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