The Regulations on the Progress of Science and Technology in Hubei Re -Cultivation, Highlight the main position of enterprises in innovation

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Changjiang Daily Da Wuhan Client April 25th (Reporter Li Huizi)On April 25, the Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference to interpret the “Regulations on Science and Technology Progress in Hubei Province” and answered questions from reporters.Chen Jun, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology, introduced the revision of the “Regulations”.
Chen Jun introduced that the original “Regulations” was formulated in 1995 and revised in 2009. In order to promote the province’s scientific and technological innovation work and accelerate the establishment of a national scientific and technological innovation highland, the Regulations need to be revised and improved.The newly revised “Regulations” total 9 chapters and 60 articles, and the original “Regulations” 8 chapters and 54 are amended. The new “regional scientific and technological innovation and scientific and technological cooperation” and “supervision and management” are added.”Legal Responsibility” chapter.The key contents include regional scientific and technological innovation, the construction of scientific and technological talents, and highlighting the main position of enterprises in innovation.
In terms of promoting the cooperative development of basic research and application research, the Regulations have clearly increased the proportion of basic research funds to the proportion of the research and development investment in social science and technology; the establishment of the provincial natural science fund, support the establishment of joint funds, fund basic research; carry out key core technology research researchResearch and development of industrial common technology; support the construction of scientific and technological intermediaries, application scenarios, and test bases; promote the reform of the rights of scientific and technological achievements in duty, and explore the unified management system for intangible assets of state -owned scientific and technological achievements.
In terms of strengthening the status of enterprise innovation subjects, the Regulations clearly support enterprises to lead the scientific and technological research projects of the country and the province, and establish relevant funds to support SMEs to carry out technological innovation, strengthen intellectual property protection, and support and ensure that private enterprises enjoy supporting technological innovation policies equally to support scientific and technological innovation policies., Establish and improve the system that is conducive to the investment, distribution, assessment, and incentive system that is conducive to scientific and technological innovation.
To deepen the reform of the scientific and technological system and stimulate the vitality of scientific and technological personnel, the Regulations clearly provide continuous and stable scientific research funding support and support for scientific research conditions for strategic talents; set up special funds for talent introduction to implement flexible talent policies; strengthen basic research, youth, women, women, Technical Services and other types of talents.The scientific and technological personnel are allowed to engage in part -time jobs in accordance with regulations to obtain legitimate income, establish an enterprise or start a business.
In order to improve the scientific and technological innovation system and improve the overall efficiency of scientific and technological innovation, the Regulations stipulate that coordinating the layout of the Hubei High -level Laboratory to improve the original innovation capabilities of important areas; adopt construction and operation awards, performance evaluation subsidies, etc., and support the development of new research and development institutions.EssenceAccelerate the construction of a scientific and technological innovation center with national influence, support the construction of innovative positions such as the Optics Valley Science and Technology Corridor, High -tech Zone, Innovation City, County, and Science and Technology and Innovation Districts, and establish a complementary and unique regional collaborative innovation system.
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