The target exceeds 100 billion!Erhai builds a western fashion city like this

Wenzhou News reporter learned from the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Wenzhou Clothing Chamber of Commerce held the day before yesterday that Ouhai District will unite the Wenzhou Clothing Chamber of Commerce and Wenzhou Elephant City to jointly build the country’s first clothing fashion customization platform & mdash; Wenzhou clothingThe living room of the city fashion customization meeting meets the needs of all -category high -end clothing customization needs.

It is reported that Wenzhou Costume City Fashion Customization Club is located in the second and third phases of Wenzhou Elephant City International Business Center, with a total of 50,000 square meters. Gathering fashion customization, men’s and women’s suits, professional clothing and other head brands, source companies, originals, originals, originalDesigners, etc., form a five -in -one industrial chain closed -loop ecosystem, including fashion customized theme blocks, clothing brand headquarters bases, designer research and development platforms, brand live supply chains, custom supply chain platforms.

Wenzhou is one of the five major industries of Chinese clothing.At present, our city is vigorously implementing the “strong city action” and promoting the construction of the “Five Cities and Three Parks”.As one of the core areas of Wenzhou’s fashion industry, the construction of the Western fashion city is an important working orientation for the construction of the western fashion city to cater to the development of new quality and meet the new needs of people’s livelihood.Since being awarded the “China Clothing Customization Industry Base” as a national brand brand last year, Ouhai District has actively planned to build the development pattern of the clothing industry in the “one nuclear and three districts”, and gradually formed the southern film fashion and intellectual town as the town as the as a small town as the southern town as a small town as a small town as the southern film.The main platform, the clothing industry ecosystem of the China Film Clothing Trading Zone, the East Film Fashion Manufacturing Zone, and the West Shopping Children’s Shoes Gathering Area.

Ouhai plans to use the cultivation update and iterative upgrade of the three dimensions of industrial platforms, market energy levels, and activity carriers to complete the “construction of Chinese fashion clothing customized industrial bases” to initially take the goal of scale and achieve the total output value of clothing regulationsOver 27 billion yuan, the scale of the fashion industry exceeds 100 billion yuan.

Source: Wenzhou Daily

Original title: The target exceeds 100 billion!Erhai builds a western fashion city like this

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